Why is Ted Cruz buying the Obama line on Syria?

Is it crazy to say that there are multiple, credible reports suggesting the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood rebels are the ones who used Chemical weapons? It might be crazy to say that inside the Washington, D.C. beltway but outside the beltway, it might be crazier to assert with fortitude that the Assad regime was responsible. That’s what makes the words of U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) so curious.

Ted Cruz: Buying the Obama line on Assad's use of Chemical weapons?

Ted Cruz: Buying the Obama line on Assad’s use of Chemical weapons?

We have reported extensively right here, that the evidence against the rebels is far more compelling than the evidence against the Assad regime. During a speech at the Heritage Foundation’s Jesse Helms Lecture Series on September 11th, Cruz touted the Obama administration’s line that Assad…

“…used Chemical weapons to gas some 1400 innocent civilians, including over 400 children.”

This is very important because after his speech, Cruz took three questions (questions asked all at once, then Cruz answered, which explains the edit in the clip below). One of the questions asked had to do with reports that it was the rebels who used the Chemical weapons. Cruz was asked if he’d seen intelligence that left him 100% sure that it was Assad. Based on what he said in his speech, his answer to that question was troubling.

Essentially, the Senator from Texas conceded that he had not

“…seen compelling evidence that Assad personally knew about the use of Chemical weapons.”

Ted Cruz is a lawyer. Yet, he asserted that Assad used Chemical weapons prior to admitting he had not seen “compelling evidence” that he did. Why would a lawyer ever do this?

Cruz then said something even more amazing:

“I don’t have reason to doubt the veracity of the administration officials who are stating that. I believe they’re acting in good faith so I don’t have reason to doubt the veracity…”

Really? Isn’t this the Senator that is supposed to be leading the conservative charge against a wicked, corrupt, and pathologically lying administration? Isn’t Cruz the guy who is supposed to be saying “crazy things” without regard for what people on Capitol Hill think? For some context, the beginning of this clip includes the tail end of a story Cruz told about John Wayne donating to the campaign of Jesse Helms. When Helms called the Duke to thank him, John Wayne reportedly told Helms the country needed more people to “say crazy things”.

Here’s one of several good reasons to doubt the veracity of what senior Obama administration officials say about attacks:

As a side note, we know that Cruz’s staff has all of the information on Malik Obama’s dealings with the Muslim Brotherhood and the government of Sudan. They’ve had this information for months. Yet, they’ve not said anything publicly about it.

If Senator Cruz would like to be perceived as the guy who’s willing to say “crazy things”, perhaps he should start with that. It’s certainly more provable than the assertion that Assad used Chemical weapons.


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