Breaking: Is U.S. Government Harassing Walid Shoebat?

Today, Walid appeared on the Kuhner Report with Jeffrey Kuhner with some breaking news. Before getting to that, Kuhner asked Walid to talk about why he believes the Syrian rebels are responsible for the Chemical weapons attacks. The subject eventually moved to Obama’s family in general, and Malik Obama in particular. Regular readers to our site are quite familiar with what we’ve uncovered; it is irrefutable.

**UPDATE**The Gateway Pundit has picked up this story.

Jeffrey Kuhner

Jeffrey Kuhner

That leads to the explosive part of the interview. A couple of weeks ago, we were contacted by a representative with The Blaze. We were told that a representative of the Obama administration was attempting to dismiss Walid’s translation of Tahani Al-Jebali, a former Egyptian Constitutional Court judge, who asserted that Barack Obama’s brother is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The representative from The Blaze informed us of this and kindly gave us the opportunity to respond. We did so by sending a link to a CNN International report that backed up Walid’s claims. Again, regular readers to our site will understand the sweet irony of this one.

In any event, be sure to listen to this interview as Walid goes into detail about why he believes he’s being harassed, likely by the U.S. Government and why he believes our work on Malik Obama may very well be the reason.

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