Obama no longer a Democrat

By Keith Davies

Now that the presidential election of last year is in the distant past, it appears that Obama may have abandoned his domestic agenda and is now squarely focused on the Middle East, or to be more accurate, the “Muslim Agenda”. What is this agenda? The answer is simple – the Caliphate. Obama is setting up the Caliphate as quickly as possible for his Sunni Muslim Brotherhood brethren and it appears to be a top priority as he only has just over three years before his second term ends. Most “moderate” political thinkers will scoff at our repeated advocacy that Obama is Muslim but there is so much evidence that would suggest this is the case.

Let us make the case logically for those who do have open minds and are willing to listen to reason:

Prior to Obama’s election in 2008, he interviewed with George Stephanopoulos and confessed to being a Muslim:

How many Christians do you know that would have made that mistake?

Ed Klein wrote a book about Obama called “The Amateur” and for the book, Klein interviewed Obama’s former Reverend, Jeremiah Wright (which was also recorded by Ed Klein). Wright stated that he guided Obama to accept Christianity without affecting his faith on Islam.

Here is the pertinent part of the interview with Klein and Sean Hannity, which discusses this:

Obama recited the call to prayer in classical Arabic perfectly and stated “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset,” as quoted by Nicholas Kristof in the New York Times. Prior to a scheduled speech he made at Georgetown University and shortly after Obama was inaugurated as President in 2009, he told his people to hide the crucifix that would be behind him while he was speaking.

If one cares to Google Obama and his critique of the Bible you will find a tremendous amount. Here is just one example of speech by Obama on the Bible:

Now ask yourselves a simple question: Is this someone who confesses the faith of Christianity? Not only will you will find no criticism of the Koran by Obama but he also praises the Koran and calls it holy. I do not recall him ever saying publicly that the Bible is Holy.

Now for his actions and policies.

The first major speech Obama made after his first inauguration was the speech in Cairo, which was the first indication of his fundamentalist Islamic faith. He insisted that members of the Muslim Brotherhood be invited, which ticked off Mubarak who did not attend the speech. Why invite the Muslim Brotherhood? Democratic principals? Really?

When the secular public in Iran rose up in rebellion against the Mullahs, Obama was silent and would provide no help either publicly or materially.

When the “Arab Spring” started, Obama supported and engaged the Muslim Brotherhood. In Egypt, he engaged with the Muslim Brotherhood and when they were overthrown with a huge outcry from the Egyptian public and the army intervened to stop the introduction of Sharia, he remained supportive of the Muslim Brotherhood threatening to remove US aid.

Does this look like a Democrat?

Does this look like a Democrat?

When the Arab Spring started, Obama immediately used the opportunity to overthrow Qaddafi in Libya without Congressional authority, which was propagandized in the USA by our government and the media. What most Americans were not told is the vast majority of Libyans supported Qaddafi, probably as much as ninety percent. The reason for this support – despite Qaddafi’s craziness and his past – is that he fought against the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda terrorists, including providing valuable intelligence to the U.S. Qaddafi also was very beneficial to his people. For example, when one got married in Libya, under Qaddafi, he provided subsidized mortgages. No matter what the purchase price of any house for a Libyan, the married couple was only required to pay 10% of their salary for ten years and then the house was there own. In America, if you get a free phone the people who will receive the free stuff will all vote for Democrats. I think getting a heavily subsidized mortgage will buy many peoples’ allegiances, do you not think? The Libyan war was a pure and classic deception by Obama to empower his Muslim Brotherhood brethren.

Your politicians in both parties lied to you big time.

Egypt has fallen back to the power of the secularist military, possibly only temporarily. The Muslim Brotherhood will lick their wounds and regroup; Obama has now turned his head to Syria. His political objective is not about weapons of mass destruction but to again empower his Sunni Muslim Brotherhood brethren in Syria and overthrow Assad. Political commentators in the U.S. believe that Obama is reluctant to take military action on Syria but based on his attack on Libya, this thinking is flawed. While it is not certain that an attack on Syria will happen, we believe the odds that Obama will eventually use military force against Syria are greater than fifty percent, especially if it will guarantee the Muslim Brotherhood’s objective.

Obama now does not care about his poll numbers or even his own party anymore; the Muslim agenda is now his only priority.

We know from the highly credible defense analyst Yossef Bodansky that Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and our own U.S. intelligence services have been working together on Syria with troubling allegations that the Chemical attack may have been a setup.

Keith Ellison, the Muslim Hamas-supporting Congressman on the far left fringe of the Democrat Party from Minnesota who was against the Iraq war, is now one hundred percent in favor of going to war with Syria. It does not take a rocket scientist to work this out, does it? Just like Obama, he is a Sunni Muslim who also wishes to reestablish the Caliphate. It is just that simple!

The Emperor’s new clothes are still too hard for the average American to see.

Malik Obama (seated on the right) works for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Malik Obama (seated on the right) works for the Muslim Brotherhood.


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