Christian Family Extorted in Pakistan

Below the video is a note we received from our contact in Pakistan, who is currently trying to help the family of Yousaf Masih, who was arrested in 2005 under Pakistan’s strict blasphemy laws and later died from tortuous treatment. Teresa Yousaf is his widow. As you will see in the video, Sariq Masih (Yousaf’s daughter) explains what happened to her father. Teresa is seen on the far right, in the blue dress. Watch the video first and then the note from our contact will provide an update to this family’s story.

(Note: there appears to have been some things lost in the translation but just know that Sariq and Teresa are the daughter and widow of Yousaf):

Here is the note we received from our contact, who is trying to rescue Teresa and her family from even more persecution. As you will see below, their ordeal is far from over – but our donors are helping:


Last night at about 9:15 we reached our destination. It was a difficult journey. As you know, the Pakistani Government has placed certain restrictions on Christians, Ahamdi, as well as on Shai. In last month, hundreds of People have been who have been emigrating from Pakistan have been forced off of flights.

In Karachi Airport, we had to pay 50,000 Pakistani Rupees to continue on our way but when we reached our destination, we were not allowed to enter into that country and were taken into Immigration Department. After 1 hour and 30 minutes of dialogue, they required us to pay $2000.

Teresa Masih: Her family still fleeing persecution.

Teresa Masih: Her family still fleeing persecution.

Brother, Almost 3000 Dollars has been spent so we need money for housing and other house hold needs as well.

The House which we chose for them is 50,000 per month, the owner demand three month Security deposit and each month’s rent in advance on the 25th of every month. So we have to pay him.

For Teresa’s Family

Three months security Deposit = $1200

Rent for the month of October = $400

Agent fee = $80

Monthly Stipend = $350

Total = $2030

(name redacted)

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In our 2011 documentary appeal, Walid told the story of Yousef Masih (begins at the 7:00 mark of part II):

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