Mosque destroyed by Fed Up Christians

A couple of days ago, news broke that Muslims in the Central African Republic were indiscriminately slaughtering Christians. France sent troops in to help Christians who were fleeing the machete-wielding, gun-toting Muslims.

It appears the Christians may be reaching a breaking point.

Central African Republic: Christians destroy Mosque.

Central African Republic: Christians destroy Mosque.

Via the AP:

Tensions flared again Tuesday as a mob of young men set fire to a mosque in the Fou neighborhood of the capital, Bangui. Smoke billowed from smoldering vehicles nearby, and young men used pick axes and whatever tools they could find to try to tear down the walls of the mosque.

The government of Central African Republic, a predominantly Christian country, was overthrown in March by Muslim rebels from the country’s north. While the rebels claimed no religious motive for seizing power, months of resentment and hostility erupted last week in a wave of violence that left more than 400 people dead.

The AP has also posted a video of the incident. Notice the title donning the AP video: ‘Mob Smashes Central African Republic Mosque’.

Perhaps a more accurate title would have been, ‘Christians fed up with being terrorized by Muslims destroy building where those Muslims learn how to terrorize’.

There, much better (h/t BNI):