Mandela: Master of Doublespeak

The term doublespeak refers to the deceitful tactic of saying one thing in one language and saying something completely different in another. It’s an attempt to fool an opponent and reassure your allies with the verbal equivalent of a wink and a not. The Muslim world is full of such practitioners. As it turns out, so, apparently was Nelson Mandela. In this video, Mandela is singing a song in his native language that advocates killing the white farmer or “boer” in South Africa.

Upon completion of the song, Mandela switches to English and calls for peace.

Via Vincenton:

One of Mandela’s close colleagues – Yasser Arafat – was a known master of this technique. Via DTN:

…Arafat never intended that the Oslo Peace Accords would lead to peace with the state of Israel. On the same day that Arafat signed the Declaration of Principles of the Oslo Accords on the White House lawn, he appeared in a pre-taped interview on Jordan TV. In Arabic he explained to his Palestinian followers: “Since we cannot defeat Israel in war, we do it in stages. We take any and every territory that we can of Palestine, and establish sovereignty there, and we use it as a springboard to take more. When the time comes, we can get the Arab nations to join us for the final blow against Israel.”

Arafat and Mandela: Masters of Doublespeak.

Arafat and Mandela: Masters of Doublespeak.

The current president of South Africa – Jacob Zuma – also continues to sing about killing white farmers.

Via FrontPage Magazine:

What is known is that the ANC celebrated in 100th year anniversary with a song led by President Zuma himself. “Dubula iBhunu” or “Shoot the Boer” was a line in the lyrics of an apartheid-era song, “Ayesaba Amagwala” (“the cowards are scared”) that violates the South Africa constitution prohibiting the “advocacy of hatred that is based on race … and that constitutes incitement to cause harm.” Yet Zuma apparently felt no compunction to refrain from singing it, because the ANC considers it an integral part of the anti-apartheid movement that is part of their heritage.

Here is Zuma leading in the singing of the song to a jubilant and dancing crowd who sing right along:

Unfortunately, when leaders of nations are this irresponsible, it is not without consequence. South African farmers are suffering heinous deaths at the hands of murderous blacks who embrace such songs. The murder of innocent people based on the color of their skin becomes accepted within a large swath of the culture. Check out this facebook post:

Racist facebook post.

Racist facebook post.

Genocide Watch has documented a countless number of cases in which innocent white families and farmers were brutally and savagely murdered by blacks. Images of the brutality can be seen here.

The Truth About South Africa has more.

For those still not inclined to find culpability with Mandela for these atrocities, have a look at this exchange between Wretched Radio’s Todd Friel and Peter Hammond of Frontline Fellowship:


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