Proof Outrage Works

Christians, Conservatives, and Tea Party types have been frustrated for years now. Whether it’s a refusal to confront the Islamic infiltration of the U.S. Government, Communism disguised as the Democratic Party, a mainstream media that is simply a propaganda arm of the Obama White House, or Republican leaders that seem more interested in pursuing the path of least resistance than in fighting, people are angry.

They’re just not angry enough.

Bashir: Gone from MSNBC for insulting Sarah Palin??

Bashir: Gone from MSNBC for insulting Sarah Palin??

That is, unless you’re talking about the people who had a big problem with MSNBC’s Martin Bashir’s on-air advocacy for having someone ‘urinate’ and ‘defecate’ in Sarah Palin’s mouth. After facing relentless pressure from the right to do something about it, MSNBC jettisoned Bashir (yeah, he ‘resigned’ as much as Van Jones did).

How is it that Obama’s ventriloquist dummy network, whose audience despises Palin to the point of possibly thinking Bashir was too kind, ultimately reach the decision to let Bashir go? According to a certain Washington Post reporter, it had to do with outrage and relentless pressure from conservatives.

Via Tony Lee at Breitbart:

Appearing on CNN’s Reliable Sources with host Brian Stelter, the Post’s Paul Farhi said “the outrage was from the right, the idea that Sarah Palin and, by the way, a woman, obviously was being attacked was part of the outrage.”

He said it was a relentless “campaign that just did not quit.”

“I think the reality is probably that he was asked to leave,” he continued. “That is to say he was fired, but in the legal world in which we live, perhaps they couldn’t exactly say that.”

The writing was on the wall within days, as Bashir took to the air and attempted to apologize, all the while looking like he knew it would be fruitless but that it was his only hope. It was a Hail Mary pass from inside his own 5-yard line with no time left on the clock…

…and the pass fell incomplete.

This post shouldn’t be taken as agreement with MSNBC’s decision. In fact, in some ways, it’s disappointing. We didn’t call for his firing but what’s important here is what outrage in action can and will do if it is righteous and relentless. This is the formula for success as evidenced by the result. The problem is that it’s not part of conservative DNA, which includes a tendency toward long fuses, disunity and dispassion for the political arena.

Tendency should not be confused with exclusivity, however. Instead, such tendencies should be viewed like a rubber band, stretching just a bit more with each lie, smear, libel, slander, theft, or injustice committed against it. The more that band stretches, the stronger the snap-back will be. Bashir experienced this in the micro. The left-wing movement may one day experience it in the macro.

Christians are inclined to turn the other cheek but there comes a point when enduring a long train of abuses and usurpations becomes a sin of omission. It is the victims’ right, it is their duty to snap back when all that they cherish faces extinction.

Cruz: Outrage not enough to keep him from going to South Africa.

Cruz: Outrage not enough to keep him from going to South Africa.

Outrage should not be reserved solely for the left. It should also be applied to those who don’t listen and who are supposed to be on your side. When conservative favorite, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) issued a statement praising Nelson Mandela, his facebook page lit up with supporters who were angry with him for doing so. There was outrage, but it apparently wasn’t enough because as of this point, Cruz is the only Republican Senator flying to South Africa for Mandela’s funeral.

The left is united in its love for Mandela. The right is disunited when it comes to acknowledging the truth about the man. Joseph Farah and Cliff Kincaid are doing so but then you have Breitbart’s Joel Pollak and Mark Levin conceding to the fact that Mandela was a communist and a marxist who revered Castro and Arafat but then say he was a ‘complex’ figure.

Consider the top two Republican House leaders – Speaker John Boehner and Majority leader Eric Cantor. In mid-November, amnesty advocates confronted Boehner while he was eating breakfast and posted video of the incident. Within two weeks, Boehner hired an amnesty advocate to help him with immigration reform.

A few days after Boehner’s meal was interrupted, Cantor’s condo was stormed by more amnesty advocates. Again, within days, Cantor was reportedly ‘relentless’ in his push for granting amnesty to illegal alien youths via his version of the DREAM Act.

Boehner: Not enough outrage to force him to stop crying.

Boehner: Not enough outrage to force him to stop crying.

The Obama administration is beset with a mountain of scandals. The disaster that is Obamacare should completely neuter his second term agenda. The administration should be on defense, not making ground with Republicans on amnesty. Yet, manufactured outrage has been successful with House Republican leadership, even now. Shouldn’t they be standing firm against it?

As the case of Martin Bashir demonstrates, there just isn’t enough outrage.