‘My Meeting with Nelson Mandela’

His name is Peter Hammond and he is the Director of Frontline Fellowship, a Christian Mission that goes into war zones, including South Africa. Hammond challenged Nelson Mandela on things ranging from abortion (which Mandela endorsed) to Communism (which Mandela also supported) in a meeting withe the former South African leader and was paid back with a thirteen year audit.

Hammond: Forthright in meeting with Nelson Mandela.

Hammond: Forthright in meeting with Nelson Mandela.

From the group’s About Us page:

Evangelising in War Zones
Assisting Persecuted Churches
Working for Reformation and Revival in Africa
Serving God in: Angola , Mozambique , Malawi, Nigeria , South Africa , Sudan , Zambia , Zimbabwe and the Congo.

In this two-part video, Hammond relayed the details of his meeting with Mandela.

It’s a Must-see (h/t USA Survival).

Part 1:

Part 2:


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