Leader of John McCain’s ‘Freedom Fighters’ flees Syria

Exodus of Salim Idris from Syria causes Western Leaders to Double Down on Absurdity

By Ben Barrack

If you remember the photos taken of Senator John McCain posing with terrorists when he visited Syria earlier this year, you might remember the name Salim Idris. He was one of the men McCain posed with. Idris is the leader of the ‘moderate’ Syrian rebels whom the Senator insisted the U.S. help because Idris was leading the ‘freedom fighters’ in the fight against the Assad regime.

(L to R): John McCain, FSA General Salim Idris, and Razan Shalab AlSham of SETF.

(L to R): John McCain, FSA General Salim Idris, and Razan Shalab AlSham of SETF.

Well, Idris has fled Syria and the Muslim fundamentalists have apparently taken over.

Via WSJ:

Islamist fighters ran the top Western-backed rebel commander in Syria out of his headquarters, and he fled the country, U.S. officials said Wednesday.

The Islamists also took over key warehouses holding U.S. military gear for moderate fighters in northern Syria over the weekend. The takeover and flight of Gen. Salim Idris of the Free Syrian Army shocked the U.S., which along with Britain immediately froze delivery of nonlethal military aid to rebels in northern Syria.

Perhaps one of the most absurd examples of political denial on the part of the west is the notion that there are ‘moderate’ rebels at all, especially in light of the doubling down that is apparently taking place in the wake of Idris’s exodus. The U.S. is attempting to identify the most moderate extremists:

The Islamic Front is a recently formed alliance of the largest Islamist rebel groups that excludes the two main al Qaeda-linked rebel groups—the Nusra Front and the Islamic State of Iraq and al Sham—and is considered the more moderate faction among Islamist rebel groups.

The ‘more moderate faction’ among Islamists?! That is precisely the dynamic that led the U.S. State Department to put the February 17 Martyrs Brigade in charge of security against Ansar Al-Sharia at the Special Mission Compound in Benghazi. The result was that F17MB – who deserted that compound – provided intelligence to the attackers who knew every inch of that compound.

A bit later in the WSJ article is this gem:

U.S. officials said the Islamic Front offered to help protect the headquarters and two warehouse facilities from harder line groups. Then, when the Islamic Front came in and helped secure the sites, “they asserted themselves and said: ‘All right, we’re taking over,’ ” a senior U.S. official said.

Those two paragraphs from the WSJ article – possibly better than any assemblage of sentences before them – demonstrate perfectly, why the rise of fundamentalist Islam across the globe is seeing success. The west so refuses to admit who its enemies actually are that it’s willing to parse groups that all seek the same goal – an Islamic caliphate under the Muslim Brotherhood umbrella.

In this latest incarnation of good cop / bad cop, the ‘good’ cop has left the room. Having no other option, the guy being interrogated magically sees the ‘bad’ cop as two people, one of whom is better than the other.

There’s a word for that – schizophrenia. It’s also two primary psychological defense mechanisms wrapped into one – denial and projection. In the case of the aforementioned metaphor, the subject is not only denying who the bad cop is but is projecting multiple personality disorder onto the bad cop in order to reach that absurd level of denial.

To further the aside, here’s what Web MD has to say about Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder):

The dissociative aspect is thought to be a coping mechanism — the person literally dissociates himself from a situation or experience that’s too violent, traumatic, or painful to assimilate with his conscious self.

Think of all of the extremely unspeakably heinous acts that have taken place in Syria, from children beheading adults to adults engaging in cannibalism; some are even contracting a disease that can only be contracted by eating human brains. Western leaders simply do not want to face these kinds of realities (Obama and his most loyal acolytes notwithstanding).

In a more pragmatic sense, the behavior of western leaders demonstrates that the loyalties of Idris have been accepted far too easily as well. Take a look at where he went:

Gen. Idris flew to the Qatari capital of Doha on Sunday after fleeing to Turkey, U.S. officials said Wednesday. “He fled as a result of the Islamic Front taking over his headquarters,” a senior U.S. official said.

An Islamic Front spokesman also said Gen. Idris had fled to Turkey.

Turkey and Qatar are two incredibly Muslim Brotherhood-friendly countries. The former’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan seeks a return of the Ottoman Empire, via the Muslim Brotherhood and the latter – among other things – provided safe haven for several of Egypt’s Brotherhood leadership after the ouster of Mohammed Mursi.

Why would these countries help Idris, a supposed ‘moderate’ who is attempting to eliminate forces supported by those countries? Shouldn’t he be persona non grata if he were truly who he is portrayed to be? He’s someone who was supposedly making things difficult for the extremists, right?

Perhaps Idris was just playing a role, eh? Perhaps he was just wearing the ‘moderate’ label to make it easier for rebels to get U.S. weapons. Under that scenario, he would indeed be welcomed by Turkey and Qatar.

Don’t worry, though. McCain knows who these people are:


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