Where are Photos of Ted Cruz at Mandela Memorial?

Shortly after news of Nelson Mandela’s death last week, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) issued a press release praising the Communist leader. Despite a backlash from conservatives for doing so, Cruz doubled down, deciding to make the trip to South Africa for Mandela’s memorial. Despite being the only U.S. Senator to attend the memorial, based on both Cruz’s family history and Mandela’s relationship with Cuba’s Fidel Castro, Cruz should have been the last Senator to make the trip.

Where are the photos of Ted Cruz in South Africa?

Where are the photos of Ted Cruz in South Africa?

While there, Cuba’s Raul Castro gave a speech; Cruz reportedly walked out when Castro began to speak.

Yet, to this point, a Google search reveals exactly zero photos of Cruz in South Africa.


Did no one photograph him on his way to the memorial? Did no one photograph him walking out during Castro’s speech?

It would seem, based on Cruz’s expressed views on Mandela, that his office would proudly display such photos.


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