Man who should be Attorney General talks Benghazi

This is mildly dated (October 30) but we hadn’t seen it before it was sent to us by a reader. It is nearly three and a half minutes of pure righteousness on Benghazi from a man who would make an excellent Attorney General. The man speaking is none other than former prosecutor, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC), who puts Eric Holder to shame when it comes to a blind Lady Justice.

Gowdy: The man who should be Attorney General.

Gowdy: The man who should be Attorney General.

It was Gowdy whose quick-thinking after Lois Lerner inexplicably invoked her fifth amendment right not to incriminate herself and the proceeded to plead her innocence, who caught her in a legal trap before she could escape. It was Gowdy – no one else – who took advantage of a very small window of opportunity to call her on it.

As can be gleaned from the looks on the faces of Reps. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) and Jim Jordan (R-OH), who are seen standing behind Gowdy, his points are irrefutable, which is why no one ever tries to refute him.

NOTE: Pay attention to the man at the far left of the screen right before Gowdy speaks; it’s Senator John McCain (RINO-AZ). It’s quite amazing that he didn’t learn anything from Gowdy.