Terrorists Use American Equipment, “paid for by US taxpayers.”

By Theodore Shoebat

If every American, who actually pays taxes, knew where their money is going to, there would be a torrent of anger and uproar (not that there already is outrage, but it would be even greater).

Fred Hof, who once served as Hillary Clinton’s special representative on Syria, reported this week that Islamist had stolen American equipment, and made the implication American taxpayer money is being used to fund the provisions for Free Syrian Army jihadists:

Fighters affiliated with the recently formed Islamic Front—a coalition of armed, non-al-Qaeda Syrian Islamist groups opposed to the Assad regime—recently seized some US-supplied, non-lethal materiel from the Free Syrian Army. Personnel of the Islamic Front can now dine on meals-ready-to-eat and communicate with one another using equipment paid for by US taxpayers.

This brings to light one important truth: terrorists seized American equipment that was initially suppose to be used by other terrorists, the FSA, all under the American tab. Even if the other terrorists never robbed the equipment, it would have still been used by jihadists who would not hesitate to behead a Christian.

The American government, infiltrated by Muslim and feminazi heretics, does not care about persecuted Christians. This is why we must do something about it. DONATE NOW AND SAVE THE LIVES OF CHRISTIANS, be better than your evil government and do something for our persecuted brethren. We are the only organization rescuing Christians from Muslim hordes, and we will continue to save lives with the charitable funds you send.

Here is a video of Muslim children in Syria training how to behead people:

So the next time you go into the H&R for your annual robbing, just remember, this is where your money is going to:

This is why we, as Christians, must be militant against evil. Get the new 2 disk DVD set, which is almost 5 hours of footage on Christian militancy.

Moreover, do not forget in this season of giving and charity, that we are obligated to help the persecuted. DONATE NOW and save Christian lives.



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