Angry Christians Are trying To Overthrow Muslim President

By Theodore Shoebat

Numerous Christian militants are working hard to succeed in one of their main goals, and that is to overthrow the Muslim president of Central Africa, Michel Djotodia, and replace him with a Christian leader.

One rebel, Richard Bejouane, said:

We are revolting so that Djotodia and his fighters leave, and the country can live in peace

On December 5th there was a concerted and intense effort on the part of the militants to throw out Djotodia. They attacked the capital, but government troops repulsed them, and the aftermath of the struggle left 600 dead.

But in the time of these battles, there is persecution, and the slaughter of Christians is only getting worse. The coming holocaust of the saints is nigh, and the blood of Abel’s successors already soaks the earth. This is why we must act, and do something. This is why you, the reader, the most significant person in this battle of ideas, should give to Rescue Christians and save Christian lives now.

The French have sent many troops into Central Africa, and the Christians are hoping that they will help them accomplish their goals, but even if they don’t, they say they will do the job themselves. As one militant, Douze Puissance, said:

We want the French to force Djotodia out of office, but if not we will do it with our machetes …We are farmers. We don’t generally get involved in politics. But he sent his men to our villages to kill our families and chase us into the forest.

There are currently attempts to settle peace between the Muslims and Christians, but the prospect of this happening seems unlikely. In the words of the Christian militiaman Bejouane:

There will be no reconciliation!

The violence between the Christians and heretics is becoming quite bloody, to the point that one cannot ignore the obvious: that these battles are nothing more than foreshadowers of one great future war.

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