Complaint Involving Hillary has been Escalated

The validity of the claims against Muslim Sisterhood leader and wife of former Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi appear to have just gotten a shot in the arm. The complaint (No. 18337, according to El-Fagr) filed with Egypt’s Attorney General has been escalated according to multiple Arabic reports. The complaint doesn’t just involve Naglaa Mahmoud’s alleged efforts in leading a coup but also a supposed close relationship with Hillary Clinton.

Hillary with Muslim Sisterhood leader Saleha Abedin.

Hillary with Muslim Sisterhood leader Saleha Abedin.

Via Al-Wafd (translated):

Attorney General Hisham Barakat has ordered his office to refer the complaint against the wife of Mohammed Mursi, submitted by attorney Assem Qandil, to the national security sector for further investigation.

Qandil filed the complaint against Najla Mahmoud, Mursi’s wife. The complaint accuses her of being behind the violence in the country and planning a coup against the current government. The complaint further calls for her arrest and an intense investigation.

According to Misrday (translated):

Hisham Barakat ordered the Attorney General’s office to refer the communication submitted by attorney Assem Qandil against the wife of President Mohammed Morsi, to the homeland security sector for further and more extensive investigation.

Qandil filed the complaint with the Attorney General, against Naglaa Mahmoud, the wife of the isolated former president. Mahmoud is accused of being behind acts of violence in the country and planning a coup against the current regime… Qandil stated further that the defendant is the primary driving force in getting her Muslim Sisterhood organization to engage in these terrorist operations, which are being called false cover demonstrations that are intended to drain the forces of the state.

Al-Watan has also included a reference to this latest news in a more comprehensive report, even making reference to Mahmoud’s claims that she has a significant amount of evidence against the Obama administration (translated):

A National Security communique accuses the wife of Mursi, Naglaa Mahmoud, of plotting to overthrow the current regime. The communique was based on the complaint filed by Assem Qandil, who quoted Mahmoud as saying that ‘between her fingers, she holds the secrets of the White House’, adding that it recognized the ties linking her husband and other members of the Muslim Brotherhood to members within the administration, as well as to former officials, including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

24E Reports:

A jurist and constitutional expert Essam Islambouli, in reference to dialogue with “Anatolia” by the wife of Mursi, said her comments, that she ‘is leading the Mujahideen in Egypt for planning a coup against the coup’ is an explicit recognition of her own efforts and that she is a mastermind… who must face prosecution on charges of ‘planning to overthrow the regime’.

In exclusive statements to 24E, Islambouli stated that Mahmoud must be tried on charges of ‘spying’, as evidenced by her confession that she has close ties to U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who used the (Muslim) brothers and sisters to deal with the Middle East, according to remarks made by Mursi’s wife.

Mahmoud: Case against her officially escalated.

Mahmoud: Case against her officially escalated.

Even Al Jazeera Arabic has acknowledged both the complaint and its escalation, though it refrains from reporting on any connection to the Clintons.