Reformation Is Over, at Least for the Next Few Years

By Keith Davies

I am neither a Catholic nor a Protestant; I am a Jew. I have managed the affairs of Walid Shoebat, promoted him for over ten years, and co-founded Rescue Christians with Walid nearly four years ago. I run the day-to-day operations of Rescue Christians along with our team leader in Pakistan. I have attended hundreds of churches and synagogues where Walid has been invited to speak. I am very familiar with Walid’s prophetic interpretations. Our organization has also made contact and befriended many in the Catholic community. We get many Catholics who support our work and it is growing. We provide support to Christians who are both Catholic and Protestant Pakistanis, despite the theological disagreements on either side. Both Anglican and Roman Catholic Bishops in Pakistan have endorsed our work.

Martin Luther

Martin Luther

While I recognize that Protestants and Catholics have their differences on several issues concerning customs and interpretation of Christian scripture, I have noticed something quite disturbing amongst many in the Evangelical community. That is pure hatred and bigotry against Catholics and their beliefs. I receive emails and postings on our website that are quite alarming and evil. Catholics certainly disagree with Protestants on many things but so far I have seen little of the venom that one gets from the other side, when they comment or email us.

Ted Shoebat (Walid’s son) is a leading journalist on our blog and has an incredible knowledge about the history of the church. Ted has read volumes and continues to add to his knowledge. He has studied hundreds of books, with most of these books being written hundreds of years ago from recognized fathers and historians of the church. The knowledge he has amassed has provided discernment and scholarship of men three times his age. Many scholars have recognized Ted for his discoveries. One especially unique to his research was his discovery in ancient texts of the name “Alla” as a pagan deity worshipped in Ur more than two thousand years before Islam was founded by Mohammed.

The Evangelicals defend Israel and are passionate about G-d’s chosen but many Evangelicals have a very unhealthy dose of hatred for Catholics, a hatred that is not based on the true facts of history. Their hatred is on the same par with that of Jew hatred, which they are so passionate today in defending my Jewish brethren. This is very wrong. Catholics disagree with Evangelicals and they believe Evangelicals are in error but they still believe they have salvation. Conversely, many but not all, Evangelicals believe Catholics are all going to hell. Did not Jesus say “blessed are the peace makers.” Many Evangelicals wish to reach out to gays and homosexuals “with love.” I was in a church just last week in which daggers were thrown at the Shoebats for their outspoken views on the homosexual agenda. They were lectured that we “need to love the homosexuals”. Yet, when it comes to the Catholics, there seems to be no love from many Evangelicals, just venom and bigotry.

I too can find criticism of the Catholic Church. The history of Jewish persecution includes that of many senior members of the Catholic Church. Even today, there are still Catholic Bishops in several countries who are infected with anti-Semitism. However, there are many Catholics and many leaders of the Catholic Church who have supported and helped Jews during many human disasters in Jewish history. Pope Pious XII was one who has been given a bad rap by both Jews and Evangelicals. Yes, he did not speak out publicly against Hitler but he replaced his words with action and was directly and indirectly responsible for the saving of over 800,000 Jews during the Holocaust. A prominent Israeli diplomat and scholar Pinchas Lapide in his book written in 1967 called “The Three Popes and the Jews” documented the actions of Pope Pious XII. So which is it? Is it better to speak out and do nothing or speak less and act to save your brethren? Both are good but action is better! We here, try to do both and will not bow to anyone in order to speak the truth and defend the weakest of our brethren. This is a Catholic, Protestant and Jewish doctrine.

Evangelicals can and should keep their faith and so too should Catholics and Jews. When the Messiah comes for the Christians and the Jews we can ask Him if it his first or second visit. The Catholics can then argue with the Protestants with the Messiah – was the wine and the bread the symbol or the real blood and flesh of Christ? In the meantime, we all three have a common enemy who represents Satan himself, so at least we can all unite to fight the devil himself; that is Islam.

When this happens, it will be a real reformation.