Palestinian Leader admits that they are Nazis!

Historical evidence has long supported the notion that the founder of the counter-Zionist movement prior to World War Two was Haj Amin al-Husseini. During the war, he and Hitler allied. According to minutes from a 1941 meeting in Berlin, at which both al-Husseini and Hitler were present, the alliance would have been made public had the Nazis taken Moscow.

Palestinian leader admits the obvious.

Palestinian leader admits the obvious.

Now we have a full confession – for the public record – from a prominent PLO leader named Farouk Qaddumi.

“Zionism as Nazism” is one thing – projection from Palestinian Arabs who are actually the real Nazis. Thanks to Qaddumi, this projection is a self-confessed fact that is supported by overwhelming evidence.

Today, the documented persecution of Christians, which includes brutal murders and ethnic cleansing, reveals more Nazi-style behavior, as the Islamic history has given us for 1400 years or so of its existence.

Perhaps the takeaway sentence from Qaddumi in the video below is, “…Zionism was hostile to Germany…”


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