Muslims Force People Into Furnaces, Throw Children from Windows

By Theodore Shoebat

A horrific massacre of unfathomable cruelty and grisly violence has just taken place by fundamentalist Muslims in the Syrian village of Adra in which innocent people were butchered and children thrown down windows. One survivor recounted:

What is happening in Adra is unthinkable … Children are being slaughtered and thrown out of the windows. But no one is doing anything. The crisis in Syria continues in an environment where there is no international law, including those relating to the paramilitary operations.

Nizar Skif, chairman of the Union of Lawyers in Syria, spoke of reports of “sadism,” and of people being “thrown into the furnaces” and “houses burned with people inside.”

Russia’s Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, while being disturbed by the violence executed in Adra, slammed Western powers for attempting to make ties with the Islamic Front, the jihadist group who committed these crimes:

The Islamic Front has proclaimed quite radical goals, although our western partners have been trying to establish ties with them and describe the front as an “acceptable power”, which possesses influence “on the ground,” …However, there’s some evidence which we consider reliable and which shows that when the front was being created, a possibility of Al-Nusra joining in was discussed. That did not happen only to save the front’s reputation, as Al-Nusra has been on terrorist organizations’ lists in the US and Europe.”

American mediators of the Geneva-2 peace talks on Syria, scheduled for January 22, have actually been holding meetings with the front’s representatives.

Muslims are butchering people, and America is not only indifferent, but is trying to forge alliances with them. How are we as a nation to help the persecuted Christians? We cannot rely on our government, thats for sure, but we, as free individuals, can do something now. Here is a chance where you, the reader, can save the lives of your fellow Christians. Donate now and save Christian lives.

One person said he escaped Adra “under a storm of bullets”, and he described how the murderers came to establish sharia courts and kill government employees:

They had lists of government employees on them … This means they had planned for it beforehand and knew who works in the governmental agencies. They went to the addresses they had on their list, forced the people out and subjected them to the so-called “Sharia trials.” I think that’s what they call it. They sentenced them to death by beheading.

A woman who also escaped the sadistic ambuscade recalled how she witnessed the decapitations of youths as old as twenty:

There was slaughter everywhere The eldest was only 20 years old; he was slaughtered. They were all children. I saw them with my own eyes. They killed fourteen people with a machete. I don’t know if these people were Alawites. I don’t know why they were slaughtered. They grabbed them by their heads and slaughtered them like sheep.

The jihadists entered a bakery and slaughtered everybody inside, as Kinda Shimat, Syria’s Social Affairs Minister, recounted:

Civilians told us that the workers of an Adra bakery were all executed and burned during the first hours of the attack. Whole families were massacred. We do not have an exact estimation of the number because we are unable to get into the town, but the number is high

They went into the police station and killed all of the civilians, and then butchered everyone in a hospital, as one witness said:

They killed everyone at the Adra Ummalia police station … And they killed everyone at the Adra Ummalia hospital where my sister works. She stayed alive only because she didn’t show up for work that day. There are about 200 people at the police station. They are civilians. The militants are hiding among them, using them as a shield to prevent the Army from bombing the police.

This is what the Muslims want to do the Christians in America and the rest of the Western world. This is why we, as Christians, must combat tyranny and evil, and become militant. Get our new 2-disk DVD set which has almost 5 hours on the subject of Christian militancy and fighting.

Here are some photos taken of the violence:




Also, here is a video in which you will see what brutalities these monsters did:



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