On Your Feet, Soldiers!

By Ben Barrack

For quite a while now, conservatives have been bemoaning the lack of victories in the face of unadulterated liberalism run amok. Now that A&E has caved and decided to reinstate Phil Robertson, said conservatives should take note of the formula for success.

Burke: Understood what it takes.

Burke: Understood what it takes.

When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle. – Sir Edmund Burke, 1770

It’s really no more complicated than that. A&E didn’t reinstate the Duck Dynasty star because it was the right thing to do. It did so for one simple reason; good men associated.

The good news: Conservative, Christian Americans have a common and passionate bond when it comes to Duck Dynasty. As such, many felt it a personal affront when Phil was penalized for expressing views they so roundly shared. Fans of the show had his back and the homosexual agenda ran into a buzzsaw. For once, the silent majority refused to be silent. Refreshing, yes, but long overdue and a tad misplaced, relative to far more glaring issues.

The bad news: While it’s good to see good men associate in the face of bad men who’ve combined, it’d be quite a bit more welcome to see such good men associate over things far more important. Regular readers of our site see the stories – Muslims selling Christian blood to the Saudis; Muslims throw bags of urine at Christians; Muslims disembowel young Christian boy. All of these stories were published after Phil was put on hiatus. There are so many more that do not get the attention of these powerful Duck Dynasty fans.

Righteous outrage works! We saw it when MSNBC forced Martin Bashir out for – of all things – making crude remarks about Sarah Palin? Why? No one despises Sarah Palin more than MSNBC?

You want to know why?

Good men associated.

If the Duck Dynasty flap is the spark that unites good men, great. However, if those good men then settle back into their comfort zones after thumping their chests over success in a small battle with a network, shame on them.

When a formula is shown to work, it’s time to smell the blood and go in for the kill.

The righteous should not let such inertia go to waste.

On your feet, soldiers!