Israeli Government Tells IDF Not To Interact With Messianic Jews, As Israel Today Claims

By Theodore Shoebat

Israel Today has reported that the Ministry of Defense has made an order that all soldiers within Jerusalem over the Sabbath are not permitted to have any interaction with Jewish worshippers of Yahshua, or Jesus.

This discrimination, as they claim, has come as a result of so-called “anti-missionaries” complaining to the Ministry of Defense and IDF authorities that “the cult of Jews who preach Christianity are running missionary activities at Beit Hachayal”, or Soldier’s house.

Many people within the IDF have been quite appreciative of their loyalty and reliability.

When one Israeli Messianic asked his commander if he could put the New Testament together with the Hebrew Bible, the commander, without any hesitation, said, “Yes you may”.

One combat solider said:

The government passed a law recently to recruit religious (ultra-Orthodox) Jews, but most refuse to serve …The army is trying to appease the Orthodox community in Jerusalem by making this absurd announcement against Messianic faith. We are all here to serve our country and the army should not be involved in telling people which path of faith to follow.

The story sheds light on one major aspect of Christianity that is quite missing in the West: militancy. Why are the Messianic soldiers so ardent for the cause, so unwavering in their stance, so reliable in their position? Its because of the militant nature of Christ’s teachings, which are a light beaming through the warring spirit of the Torah and the prophets.

But contrary to the claims made by Israel Today, we do in fact have one Orthodox Jew, a hero who had fought several battles against terrorism working for us. Israel Today asserts that “Ultra-Orthodox” Jews do not serve in the military despite having one in our organization that has been involved in every major military operation the IDF has launched in the past half-decade.

The claim that the Christians in Israel are serving more than Hareidi (Ultra-Orthodox) is absurd. In fact there are also many Muslims who serve in the IDF than Christians.

The IDF even allows Muslims to swear-in using the Quran.

Whereas I am sure that any born-again or messianic christian is an excellent soldier, I do not see why does Israel Today needs to slander Hareidi Jews to get this message across.

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