Do Liberals care about Slaughtered Christians?

While guest-hosting on the Lynn Woolley show, Ben Barrack was talking about the idea of conservatives uniting in common cause against liberalism. In particular, the subject of Duck Dynasty was being discussed. The point was that when there is enough outrage, a conservative backlash can be very effective, as was the case with A&E deciding to bring back Phil Robertson.

Barrack’s argument was that if conservatives would stand together just as strongly over an issue of even more importance, even greater results could be realized.

He then took a call from a liberal named “Robert” who suggested conservatives should unite against a company that supposedly has a medicinal cure for the Hepatitis C virus but is gouging would-be customers by jacking up the price. Barrack admits to not having heard of the story – which can be viewed here – but proceeded to ask “Robert” which issue he thought was more important, the Hepatitis story or the slaughtering of hundreds of thousands of Christians in the Middle East.

The caller’s response was that the Hepatitis story was more important. His reason for saying so is what you won’t believe.

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Is it time for a backlash against Christian slaughter yet?

Is it time for a backlash against Christian slaughter yet?