House Intelligence Committee Chairman BUSTED in another COVERUP

By Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack

When House Intelligence Committee chairman Mike Rogers (R-MI) traveled to Egypt earlier this year, one of the top items on his agenda was that country’s case (No. 1761) against Malik Obama, the brother of President Barack Obama. The credibility of our source was bolstered by the fact that learned this information before media had even reported on Rogers’ visit to Egypt.

Rep. Rogers meets with Egypt's Gen. Abdel Fatah el-Sisi in February.

Rep. Rogers meets with Egypt’s Gen. Abdel Fatah el-Sisi in February.

Yet, Rogers has not publicly acknowledged knowing about the case, which involves evidence the President’s brother is connected to terrorism. A failure on the part of Rogers to do so indicates that he may be attempting to cover up the scandal. reported extensively on this case after it was originally filed. This unwillingness on the part of Rogers to issue a statement on this case or open an investigation could indicate a pattern of behavior that has carried over to how Rogers has handled the Benghazi investigation.

As has reported on extensively, there is an ironclad connection between the Benghazi attacks and Egypt. El-Sisi’s predecessor, Mohammed Mursi, was implicated in the attacks thanks in large part to EXHIBITS A and B in our “Ironclad” report. In a cellphone video shot in Benghazi during the attacks, a gunman can be heard shouting that he was “sent by Mursi”. A Libyan intelligence document relayed the claims of six members of Ansar Al-Sharia Egypt after their arrest. During the interrogations, they identified Mursi as being involved.

Libyan Intel document: Were terrorists involved in Benghazi arrested in Egypt?

Libyan Intel document: Were terrorists involved in Benghazi arrested in Egypt?

To date, Rogers has shown himself to be unwilling to tackle the issue of Egyptian involvement – likely to include Muslim Brotherhood leaders – in the Benghazi attacks.

Within days of the chemical weapons attack in Syria on August 21st, began producing evidence that it was not the Assad regime that was behind the attack but the rebels. That has been borne out by facts.

Yet, on August 27th – the day we published our first report on the subject – Rogers announced there was “convincing, if not compelling” evidence that Assad was behind the attack. Just a couple of months earlier, Rogers was calling for a “post-Assad Syria”. How is it that was right and the head of the House Intelligence Committee was wrong?

On Face the Nation in March of last year, Rogers told host Bob Schieffer that it was “abundantly clear” Assad had crossed Obama’s red line by using chemical weapons:

Here is Rogers on ABC This Week more than a month before the August 21st chemical attack, making the case that Assad used chemical weapons:

About one week after the August 21st attack, Rogers told CNN that the case against Assad was “convincing and getting better” that the Assad regime was responsible:

We must conclude that Rogers was lying, covering up, or both.

That conclusion is also based on an explosive report by the man who broke both the My Lai Massacre in 1969 and the Abu Ghraib prison scandal in 2004 – Seymour Hersh.

According to Hersh, beginning in early 2012, CIA Director David Petraeus was running the logistics for a weapons trafficking operation out of Benghazi and into Syria via Turkey. Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar were responsible for financing the operation. This would have meant the U.S. was fully invested in Turkey’s agenda to remove Assad from power. Hersh goes on to cite a ‘former intelligence official’ as saying that the chemical weapons attack was orchestrated by the government and intelligence apparatus of Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Here is an excerpt from Hersh’s report that might help to explain Rogers’ behavior:

‘I asked my colleagues if there was any way to stop Erdoğan’s continued support for the rebels, especially now that it’s going so wrong,’ the former intelligence official told me. ‘The answer was: “We’re screwed.” We could go public if it was somebody other than Erdoğan, but Turkey is a special case. They’re a Nato ally. The Turks don’t trust the West. They can’t live with us if we take any active role against Turkish interests. If we went public with what we know about Erdoğan’s role with the gas, it’d be disastrous. The Turks would say: “We hate you for telling us what we can and can’t do.”’

We can logically conclude that Rogers was in the loop.

What Rogers Knows
Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) told Fox News that former CIA Deputy Director “Mike Morell lied to me” in November of 2012 and identified a “conflict of interest” at the House Intelligence Committee in its investigation of the Benghazi attacks. In so doing, Graham implicated the Chairman of that Committee, Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) by pointing out that the former “lead investigator” on the Committee (J. Michael Allen) – founded a company Morrell now works for – Beacon Global Strategies.

As reported, four days after Allen’s connection to Morell through Beacon was made public in a separate Fox News report, Rogers unexpectedly announced he would be retiring from Congress. Further complicating Allen’s conflict are strong indications he did not follow proper procedures during his transition to Beacon.

Five days later, Morell testified in front of Rogers’ Committee at which Rogers delivered a visibly uninspired performance. The morning after Graham’s explosive charges, Rogers told Fox News that Allen was not the “lead investigator” on his Committee in a rather obvious attempt to diminish Allen’s role. What is not in dispute is that Allen was the Committee’s majority staff director. Rogers further stated that he does not believe there should be a select committee because it would be too expensive:

In addition to Rogers not wanting Speaker John Boehner to form a Select Committee, Boehner himself doesn’t appear interested. As has reported, Republican House members support the formation of such a Committee by an overwhelming margin.

Seeming to contradict himself, Graham said he wants a Select Committee but also said he believes that House Speaker John Boehner wants to get to the bottom of the Benghazi investigation. In response, Fox News host Greta Van Susteren blurted out:

“This late?!”

Rogers: What does he know about Weapons Trafficking out of Benghazi?

Rogers: What does he know about Weapons Trafficking out of Benghazi?

As reported – and if Hersh is correct – both Boehner and Rogers would have been two members of Congress who received a classified report in January which revealed that then CIA Director David Petraeus was the man in charge of a weapons trafficking operation from Libya to Syria, through Turkey. The operation allegedly began in early 2012. As such, the blood of four dead Americans is on the hands of everyone connected to that operation.


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