Muslim Mob Takes Christian Man, Hangs Him By His Feet And Severely Tortures Him

By Theodore Shoebat

A mob of 150 Muslims attacked a Christian man’s home in Pakistan, seized him and then severely tortured him by hanging him by his feat and savagely beating him with sticks. The Christian man’s name is Amanat Masih, and the attackers charged at him after he was falsely accused of ripping pages from the Koran. Not only did they torture him but they stole his savings of 50,000 Pakistani Rupees, which his family was saving for their daughter’s marriage. As one report recounts:

The attackers clutched Amanat Masih and tortured him severely. They were shouting on Amanat Masih that he has torn out papers from the Quran to burn them.

Amanat lived in the village of Nabipur Virkan, where he and his three sons worked as laborers. He was received the contempt and the hatred of the Muslims because he, as Mordecai spurned bending the knee to Haman, refused to express submission to a Muslim mafia that was very powerful in the village. The mafia used the greatest of weapons any criminal can use, the power of the mob. They inflamed the insanity of the people, declaring that Amanat tore pages from the Koran, and that is when the violence of the heathen commenced. In our interview with Amanat, he himself recounted the torture that was inflicted upon him by the mob:

…it was a public holiday and I was at home and few people came to my house with sticks in their hands… and I went with them and there they started beating me with sticks and hung me upside down.

In January of this year, the AP reported that Amanat was eventually arrested and forced to remain in prison for three years.

Just as “Herod had laid hold on John, and bound him, and put him in prison” (Matthew 14:3), so did the Muslim tyrants throw this Christian into prison, not for the sake of a woman, but for the whore religion called Islam, which kings of the earth have fornicated with, and who sits on high place of the earth’s praise drinking the blood of the saints.

When this man laid in prison, all for the sake of the Gospel, which the earth forsakes and to which the angels of Heaven give their praise, Christ stood in that prison cell. This man was forsaken, Christ was forsaken, and even the Messiah identifies Himself with all the saints in prison, saying, “I was in prison, and ye came unto me.” (Matthew 25:36)

And the only people who came to his aid was Rescue Christians, as Amanat himself bears witness:

When I came out of jail, luckily I met Rescue Christians. They helped me a lot. They provided my family a place to live, food to eat, they fulfilled all our needs. I won the case but still I was living a life of a prisoner and was hidden. Rescue Christians helped me come to Bangkok. I was not safe in my country because in Pakistan if once a person is accused of blasphemy he is always in danger and I’m safe and they provided me everything here.

Rescue Christians conducted an interview of Amanat, in which you can watch his testimony as to how he was persecuted and eventually saved by Rescued Christians:

The AP, just this year, even took a photo of Amanat,


This photo confirms that it is the same person we rescued, which further shows that our rescue mission is real, and our victims are real. This flies right into the face of all those who deny our rescue work, and further substantiates the reality of our mission.

There are countless Amanat Masihs, numberless Christians crying out in the midst of a careless wilderness, begging for help, with no one listening to their pleas. I ask you, in the name of God and His righteousness, please make a donation to save Christian lives.



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