Muslims Steal Christian Girl From Her Parents, And Then Force Her To Become A Sex Slave For Seven Months

By Theodore Shoebat

A Christian girl, named Sunaila Sunny Benjamin, was kidnapped by Muslims in Pakistan and forced her to become the “wife” of a Muslim man. She was forced to become his victim of abuse and torture, both sexually and physically, for seven months.

Sunaila and her Muslim friend were in a car driving, when her friend instructed the driver to go to a Muslim school (called a Madrassa). They took her to the Muslim school where her friend’s brother pulled out a pistol on her and said that had to become Muslim. She refused, and the Muslims beat her and said that they were going to kill her. She was then forced to become Muslim and to become the wife of a Muslim man by agreeing to a Contract of Fornication (called “nikkah” in Arabic). Sunaila recounted the horrifying event:

Muslim students were jealous of me because as they cannot tolerate that a Christian girl is more intelligent than them and get good grades. Uzma was my class fellow, she belongs to a Muslim extremist family. She wanted to convert me to Islam and planned to marry me to her brother. She was a very deceptive girl and became my close friend. Usually she drops me home in her car. One day we left the university, instead of going home she directed driver to go to a madrassa. I inquired why we are going to madrassa, she replied that she had to collect some books. After reaching there she took me to a room, where her brother Saleem and a Moulana [Muslim religious teacher] was sitting. Surprisingly, her brother took out a pistol and pointed it at me and said that, you have to convert to Islam and marry me right now. I refused. He tortured me and said, “follow my instructions otherwise I will kill you.” I was helpless and became a puppet at their hands.Then the Moulana took my signature on some papers and congratulated me in becoming a Muslim. Then he did my nikkah [contract of fornication] with Saleem and said that now I am his wife.

Sunaila then had to endure immense beatings, sessions of torture and sexual abuse, as she recalls her painful memories herself:

Saleem was a brutal man and tortured me many times.I was bound to follow all his instructions He forced me to offer Musim prayers. I was not allowed to go out of the home or even make a phone call.

After seven months of torture and sexual abuse, one can imagine the travails of her parents, how they were in such anguish not knowing where their daughter was. Sunaila said:

My parents were astonished to see me almost after seven months. When I told my parents the whole story they cried alot as their daughter was kidnapped and forcefully married to a Muslim man

But Sunaila was eventually rescued by us, Rescue Christians, and we sent her to Thailand where she is now living safely. Here is a video of Sunaila speaking about the abuse she suffered, and how she was eventually delivered by Rescue Christians:

There are many girls like Sunaila, Christians who are being taken away from their parents, raped and tortured, because of their Faith. It is our duty to care for them, As Christ commanded us. Now that we have established ourselves in Thailand, we can bring more and more persecuted Christians into Thailand where they will live at peace and away from persecution. Please make a donation to save Christians from this evil oppression.