Hillary’s War on Nigerian Women is about Benghazi

By Ben Barrack

What Hillary Clinton is attempting to do is – in a word – despicable. A few days after the ‘Smoking gun’ Benghazi email was revealed by Judicial Watch; two days after House Speaker John Boehner announced that he would form a Select Committee to investigate Benghazi; one day before Rep. Trey Gowdy was tapped to lead it; and one day after we revealed a Muslim Brotherhood connection to the email at Shoebat.com, Hillary Clinton attempted to pivot public attention toward the kidnapping of hundreds of Nigerian schoolgirls. The motive behind her doing this should be transparently obvious. She is attempting to exploit female victims of Boko Haram for her own benefit.


Make no mistake; Hillary is attempting to invoke the manufactured ‘war on women’ meme while distracting people away from Benghazi. This seemed to rear its head just a couple of days before she sent out a tweet that attempted to rally support for the kidnapped girls. As a Fox News panel was debating the latest developments in the Benghazi scandal, liberal Bob Beckel attempted to dismiss Benghazi as unimportant and then pivot to the Nigerian schoolgirls. At the time, it came across as a non sequiter out of left field. When other panelists began to call Beckel on it, he became unhinged and actually quoted Hillary’s now most infamous line to make his case:

Two days later, Hillary sent out her Nigerian schoolgirls tweet.

At Shoebat.com and Rescue Christians.org, the plight of persecuted Christians is highlighted on a daily basis. Mainstream media has essentially taken no interest. Other than Mark Levin, we could not get one major media outlet to discuss the heinous atrocities of human slaughterhouses we discovered in Syria. Not only has Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama ignored the rampant persecution of Christians in the Middle East but in the case of Syria and elsewhere, the administration has supported the killers.

The persecution of Christians in the Middle East and northern Africa has been in overdrive since the Arab Spring began in 2011. As Secretary of State, Hillary not only ignored their plight but facilitated it by aiding the Muslim Brotherhood. Perhaps if this new found interest in persecuted Christians had happened three years ago without evidence of political motive, many more lives could have been saved. Now that Hillary’s out of office, a single tweet – conveniently timed to coincide with news that a select Committee on Benghazi is being formed – demonstrates that her priorities take precedent with NBC News.

The inability of Brian Williams to understand the difference between Nigeria and Kenya notwithstanding, Hillary appears to have gotten him to do what no one else has been able to do for years – with a simple tweet:

So why is Hillary drawing attention to Nigerian schoolgirls now?

Answer: To distract from Benghazi while accusing anyone who wants to focus on Benghazi of being unsympathetic to the plight of Nigerian schoolgirls, which would take the whole ‘war on women’ narrative to an entirely new despicable low.

Even more evidence this is the case comes from the Daily Beast, which revealed that for two years, the repeated requests of two Congressmen – Rep. Peter King (R-NY) and Rep. Patrick Meehan (R-PA) – fell on deaf State Department ears:

In an interview Wednesday, Meehan told The Daily Beast that if Clinton had placed Boko Haram on the terrorism list in 2011, U.S. law enforcement agencies now being deployed to Nigeria to help search for the girls might have been in a better position.

“We lost two years of increased scrutiny. The kind of support that is taking place now would have been in place two years ago,” he said. The designation would have “enhanced the capacity of our agencies to do the work that was necessary. We were very frustrated, it was a long delay.”

Ironically, like requests for additional security at the Benghazi Special Mission Compound (SMC) before it was attacked, the requests of King and Meehan didn’t just fall on deaf ears; they were rebuffed. In particular, then Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Johnie Carson was quoted as saying:

“There was a concern that putting Boko Haram on the foreign terrorist list would in fact raise its profile, give it greater publicity, give it greater credibility, help in its recruitment, and also probably drive more assistance in its direction.”

To demonstrate this is a lie, if one applies that same logic to the situation with the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls Hillary is calling attention to, it would mean that Hillary is putting those girls in more danger by driving “more assistance” in the kidnappers’ “direction”.

The truth is that Hillary – by her own admission – wants Benghazi to go away as evidenced by this recent interview with Robin Roberts:

Since it won’t go away, Hillary is taking a page out of the Hamas Human Shield playbook and is applying it politically. Her diabolical strategy is quite transparent. Benghazi is to be painted as a partisan, political witch hunt that Republicans would rather engage in than worry about kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls. In essence, Hillary will be taking the despicable, yet effective, ‘war on women’ strategy used by Barack Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign and accusing Republicans of waging it by focusing on Benghazi and not the Nigerian schoolgirls.

These Nigerian schoolgirls have become nothing more than pawns and political human shields for a despicable woman named Hillary Clinton:


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