Hillary ‘Hamas’ Clinton and Benghazi Human Shields

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It is long past time for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to be called out for her latest bald-faced and shamelessly brazen attempt to distract from Benghazi. For more than three years, the Obama administration has not only ignored persecuted Christians but has facilitated that persecution by aiding and abetting the Muslim Brotherhood at every turn. Now that the Benghazi scandal is getting both politically and criminally precarious, Hillary Hamas and the administration she used to work for has decided to pivot to the issue of kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls it and Hillary is choosing to exploit.

Be sure to listen for analysis of the following timeline:

Monday, April 14th: More than 200 Nigerian schoolgirls are kidnapped by Boko Haram.

Tuesday, April 29th: Judicial Watch releases ‘smoking gun’ Benghazi email.

Friday, May 2nd (11:03AM ET): House Speaker John Boehner announces the formation of a House Select Committee to investigate Benghazi.

Friday, May 2nd (5:00PM ET): During the Fox News Channel’s The Five broadcast, the panel was discussing Benghazi when left-wing panelist Bob Beckel dismisses the scandal and brings up the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls. The other panelists are dumbfounded by Beckel’s blatant and shameless attempt to change the subject.

Sunday, May 4th (9:05AM ET): Hillary Hamas sends out the following tweet about Nigerian schoolgirls:


Monday, May 5th (12:11PM ET): Boehner announces that conservative firebrand, Rep. Trey Gowdy will be chairing the committee.

Monday, May 5th (approx. 1:00PM ET): The Associated Press reports that Boko Haram’s leader has released a video that day which shows Boko Haram’s leader threatening to sell the kidnapped girls.

Tuesday, May 6th (3:47AM ET): Washington Post publishes a story about kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls and the video of Boko Haram leader that was released a day earlier.

Tuesday, May 6th (6:00PM ET): NBC News (‘news’ used loosely) anchor Brian Williams led his newscast with the story of the kidnapped Nigerian schoolchildren and twice referred to them as being from “Kenya”.

Wednesday, May 7th: During an interview with Robin Roberts, Hillary Hamas downplays the Benghazi scandal, implying it is a political witch hunt. Also during the interview, she discusses the kidnapped Nigerian girls.

Wednesday, May 7th (2:03PM ET): First lady Michelle Obama tweets infamous photo of her holding up #BringBackOurGirls sign. **Added at 7:09am ET on 5/22/14**

Michelle Obama: Interesting place in the timeline.

Michelle Obama: Interesting place in the timeline.

Thursday, May 8th: U.S. Muslim Leaders hold a press conference at the National Press Club to assert that Boko Haram does not represent Islam. Former CAIR-Florida Executive Director Ahmed Bedier says the government of Nigeria should accept the blame for not catching the kidnappers. Hamas and Hezbollah supporter Mahdi Bray is in attendance as is Mohammed Magid, President of the ISNA. **Added on 5/19/14 at 5:24pm ET**

This is not meant to downplay this tragedy at all but the Obama administration – particularly under Clinton’s State Department – has been ignoring persecuted Christians all over the Middle East while helping their persecutors for more than three years. Now, all of a sudden, as Benghazi is heating up, those mean Republicans want to play politics while Hillary Hamas wants to save young Nigerian women.



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