Muslims Take Christian Man As He Prays, “Blood of Jesus cover me.” And Then They Shoot Him In The Face

By Theodore Shoebat

Muslims took a Christian man in Nigeria named Nzeribe as he, with 13 other worshippers, was in church mourning the deaths of three Christians who were martyred, and made him into a hostage. Nezeribe remembers what was running through his mind when the Muslim gunman seized him:

As soon as I saw the man, I knew it was over for me …The only thing I could do was say a last prayer, which was “Blood of Jesus cover me.” …And that was it for me

The Muslim gunman fired a round from his AK-47 into Nezeribe’s face, and the bullet blew away his jaw, lips, and a chunk of his tongue. This Christian man died, but miraculously came back, as he recalls:

I would say I died in the process,” Nzeribe added. “But God brought me back to life.

After the event he had to go through over a dozen surgeries in order to give his face a complete reconstruction. But nonetheless, Nezeribe still forgives his persecutors:

The first thing I did was to forgive them,” Nzeribe said. “Had they known better, they couldn’t do that.

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