Obama was ‘YELLING’ at Netanyahu on the Phone according to Knesset Member

Danny Danon, a member of the Israeli Knesset said last Sunday’s phone conversation between Benjamin Netanyahu and Barack Obama involved the U.S. President ‘yelling’ at the Israeli Prime Minister and that the treatment of Israel by Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry is ‘an insult’. The claims by Danon add more credibility to reports that came out earlier this week about Israeli anger at the Obama administration and Kerry’s proposals for a ceasefire.

Danon’s account also has the effect of bolstering the veracity of the alleged ‘transcript’ of an excerpt from the conversation that the Israeli reporter who released it, stands by; he said it was given to him by a U.S. official.

h/t Right Scoop:

Attempts by Benjamin Netanyahu’s spokesman Mark Regev to tamp down the ire of Israeli government officials and media relative to recent negotiations between Israel and the U.S. are ringing increasingly hollow. It was clear in watching Regev respond to the claims that he was attempting to exercise high stakes diplomacy by attempting to assure people that Israel has no problems with Kerry and that relations are fine.

That is clearly not the case and while Regev certainly had motives for not wanting to air his country’s dirty laundry, it’s so stinky that the Israeli media and government officials like Danon simply cannot leave it indoors.

If, as the reporter who released the transcript (Oren Nahari) says, a U.S. official leaked it to him, odds are better than not that Obama wanted it leaked.

Here is Regev from earlier this week attempting to play down last weekend’s meetings with Kerry. It’s interesting to watch in the context of Danon’s shocking claims:


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