Muslims Make New Law: If You Smoke Cigarettes, You Will Have Your Fingers Cut Off

By Theodore Shoebat

In Mosul, the Muslim members of ISIS have made a new decree in that if someone is caught smoking they will have their fingers cut off. One Iraqi Christian reported on this, writing,

They will cut off your tongue if they don’t like what you say, and sever your fingers if they catch you smoking. According to sources in Mosul yesterday, a man was brutally attacked and tortured because he was wearing jeans, which to the IS is tantamount to wearing an U.S. Army uniform.

So, what is the rest of the world doing about this?

Well, world leaders are funding the opposition in Syria, including many of the same extremist groups that they claim America will combat in Iraq by supporting the Iraqi government.

I am struggling to make any moral or human sense of it all.

And here’s a good question: Why is the most powerful country in the world silent as Christianity is wrenched of its roots?

As for me, I came to a point where I have concluded it’s not enough to bear witness anymore.

On June 19 of this year, a young Assyrian who was forcibly deported from Sweden back to Iraq called me from a basement in Mosul. He was whispering. He told me to listen to the surrounding noise: men screaming “Taqbir!” and “Allah u Akbar!” It was ISIS invading his city.

I find it interesting how many cults attack smoking as a terrible sin. The Muslims, Mormons, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists, the Progressives, environmentalists, and even the Nazis, all vehemently attack and hate tobacco smoking. It has nothing to do with health, but control over human beings. The war on smoking is all about dominating society with a cultish ethic, having people focus more on their bodies than their own souls.



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