Geraldo Called out for Fox News not having people ‘from Arab Descent’

In an exchange with Geraldo Rivera, pro-Palestinian journalist Rula Jebreal asked Geraldo how many people from ‘Arab descent’ are on Fox News. A bewildered Geraldo said he didn’t know. Jebreal responded by saying, ‘zero’ (a better response would be to ask Jebreal how many Jews are in Saudi Arabia).

If Jebreal was talking about Arabic voices that appear on Fox, she’s completely wrong. CAIR has been represented quite well there as has Michael Ghouse, Brigitte Gabriel, and others.

However, if Jebreal was talking about Fox News contributors, aside from Walid Phares being of ‘Arab descent’, Jebreal may be onto something.

There’s another Walid (Shoebat) who is not only of ‘Arab descent’ but is Palestinian and was a member of the PLO and Muslim Brotherhood. Although, Shoebat has been on Fox in the past, it’s been a long time. Attempts to book him lately have been met with silence and non-responsiveness.

Perhaps Geraldo could give him a call to assuage his own feelings of guilt.


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