British MP who Expressed Solidarity with Turkey calls for Elimination of Israel

British MP George Galloway supported the Turkish-backed Gaza flotilla. Last week, video surfaced in which he called for the town he represents to be free of Jews. Now video has surfaced that shows him calling for the end of Israel.

In the video below, take note of the yellow flags in the audience. Those are not Tea Party flags; they are Hezbollah flags. Those who want to mince Galloway’s words and say he didn’t overtly call for the elimination of Israel, ask what Hezbollah wants. Make no mistake. Galloway is calling for the end of Israel here:

That Galloway would call for such a thing puts him on par with Hitler and in solidarity with Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Yet, it has been Erdogan who has repeatedly compared Israel to Nazis and Hitler. The solidarity with Turkey’s IHH, which was behind the flotilla and is an arm of Erdogan, makes clear that Turkey continues to be treated as a U.S. ally when it is anything but.

Galloway is another in a long line of examples that make it clear that it’s fruitless for Israel to negotiate with Hamas. Those who attempt it are woefully naive or complicit. This is Galloway with then Prime Minister of Hamas Ismail Haniyeh and IHH flotilla captain Bulent Yildirim:

Galloway (L), Haniyeh (C), and Yildirin (R)

Galloway (L), Haniyeh (C), and Yildirim (R)

Here is video from 2010 in which Galloway is in Turkey with Yildirim:

h/t Breitbart


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