Obama Caught Lying about Iraq Repeatedly just like he was Caught Lying about Obamacare Repeatedly

It’s not a news flash that Barack Obama is a liar. His multiple bald-faced lies about Americans being able to keep their Health plan and doctor under Obamacare were told more than three dozen times during his first term. Also throughout his first term, Obama boasted about ending the war in Iraq.

The video montage below of him making those boastful claims to help in his 2012 reelection effort is made even better with the ending. Be sure to watch all the way through:

When it comes to Iraq, it’s Obama’s one lie this past weekend on the White House lawn that torpedoed all of his claims about ‘ending’ the war in Iraq. Regardless of one’s position on the Iraq policy of Obama or his predecessors, the lie he told when asked about ISIS just a few days ago was a whopper.

As for Obamacare, here is the 36-lie montage that just seems to do a good job of piling on:

Of course, Joe Wilson’s ‘You Lie!’ shout has aged like a fine wine. Conventional wisdom at the time was that he violated decorum. In hindsight, he was protecting it:

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