Spokesman for Anti-Semitic, Genocidal Terrorist Organization says the Group made up of Innocent ‘Civilians’

A spokesman for Hamas actually reasoned that there are no Palestinian soldiers and that Hamas is comprised not of terrorists but of ‘civilians’ who are simply doing their civic duty. If that’s the case, then it’s an admission that Hamas ‘civilians’ are intentionally putting non-Hamas ‘civilians’ in danger, hoping that they will be killed so that the living Hamas ‘civilians’ can exploit the deaths of those non-Hamas ‘civilians’.

As Shoebat.com relayed, the ‘smoking gun’ was found when the IDF captured Hamas combat (wait, ‘combat’, right) manuals that explain how and why these Hamas ‘civilians’ are to use non-Hamas ‘civilians’ as shields to fight the IDF.

By his own admission, the spokesman in the video below is admitting that civilians are killing civilians in Gaza.

That sounds like a ‘civil’ war.

See if you can wrap your head around this one!

h/t PalWatch


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