Spanish Mayor putting British Prime Minister to Shame

Count the Mayor of a Spanish city named Vitoria as the latest politician to actually open the peoples’ playbook for dealing with its Muslim problem. Despite it being obvious, Mayor Javier Maroto is still the exception, not the rule. British Prime Minister David Cameron perhaps demonstrates that best.

Mayor Javier Maroto

Mayor Javier Maroto

Maroto called out “Moroccans and Algerians” who do not contribute to society while living on the social services paid for by Spanish citizens. By simply uttering these words, Maroto has found himself championed by the people on the street like never before.

Here is quote from Maroto via translation of Europa Press (h/t BNI):

“I know you say this is not politically correct, but, as is true as a pine tree, I say them because I want them to change and get better. I can assure you I have never had so much support in the street and in these weeks.”

In the Netherlands, the rise in popularity of Geert Wilders is unmistakable. When it comes to being ostracized for years only to be proven right years later, Wilders is carrying on in the tradition of Winston Churchill, who was all but banished from political life in Great Britain after warning about the rise of Nazism. Upon being proven right, Churchill was asked to lead his nation in war.

In France, Marine Le Pen has been experiencing huge gains; she has also publicly aligned with Wilders.

Le Pen’s stock with the people of France – as with Maroto in the people of his city – rises in part due to the rejection of political correctness. In fact, after her party won big earlier this year, Le Pen publicly stated that in all the towns where her Party won, no alternatives would be served to Muslim children in school lunches if pork was on the menu.

Earlier this year, Le Pen’s National Front party trounced the socialists in France as reported. A recent poll revealed that Le Pen would win the Presidency in France if the election were held today.

Again, the playbook is on display and available for any politician to read. Too few are. In fact, too many are not only rejecting it; they’re doing the opposite.

That leads to British Prime Minister David Cameron. Ironically, he is not only disgracing his country’s own Churchill but he’d actually make Neville Chamberlain blush.

Here is Cameron earlier this year wishing Muslims a Happy Ramadan:

This is Cameron with a public message about the end of Ramadan weeks later:


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