RED ALERT Shoebat Initiative: Christians can offer support and security to the Orthodox Jewish community.

Shoebat Initiative:

The tragic and despicable hate crime against the Chabad Rabbi Raskin (may his memory be a blessing) in Miami, Florida as reported by us yesterday sparked us to request from our loyal followers to offer an act of kindness to our Jewish brethren who may wish to participate in a Christian “Mitzvah,” (good deed).

rosh hashonah

On the evening of September 23rd through evening of September 25th 2014 is Rosh Hashanah and on the evening of October 3rd through evening of October 4th 2014 is Yom Kippur. Let us help our Orthodox Jewish community celebrate in safety.

We have many thousands of readers who are former law enforcement, military and security. No matter where you are in the United States, Canada or even Europe please contact us about volunteering your services to protect the synagogues as well as the your local orthodox community as they walk to and from their houses of worship.

We are well connected to Chabad and other orthodox communities and all volunteers we would vet and then introduce them to the local Rabbi so that you can offer your services to provide the necessary private protection that we believe is sadly needed.

Email us at [email protected] or call 1 877 832 7200


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