Leaked Video from ISIS Training Center in Turkey

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

So here is a footage from Turkey, and after watching, perhaps you folks can answer; do you think this is a picnic for a competition on who has the longest beard?

These are scenes from the ISIS training centers in Turkey, where it brings all supporters of al-Qaida to the Middle East, but first they gather in Turkey:

“Destroy and blow up our enemies, victory is near .. young men, enroll, land and win .. young men its our religion attack with your weapons and win .. spread throughout the earth and raze the strongholds of the unbelievers” says the speaker.

The Chechen terrorist adds “ويقول احد الشياشانيين: الذين آمنوا وهاجروا وجاهدوا في سبيل الله باموالهم وانفسهم اعظم درجة عند الله واؤلئك هم الفائزون..”

English: “Those who believe and immigrate and participate in Jihad with their monies and selves have the highest rank with Allah and are the winners”. This is from the peace loving Quran.

This is no beard contest.

And the Turkish people in another video, do you think that the Turkish citizens who are demonstrating are simply objecting that their man lost the longest beard context?

Several Middle Eastern media broke the news that unrest has sparked in Turkey with demonstrations erupting denouncing Erdogan after Turkish citizens captured ISIS operatives in Turkey in which Turkish security forces released the terrorists and attacked the civilians who turned them in:

Shobeat.com reported as far back as March, that there are ISIS “training centers in Orfa, Ghazi Antab and Antakia (Antioch) set up by the Turkish government for more terrorists to be sent to Syria.”

Confirming our findings, the World Tribune discovered that “the government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has acknowledged significant recruitment of Turkish nationals by Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Officials have told Turkey’s parliament that at least 1,000 Turks were fighting with ISIL in Iraq and Syria. They said the Turks, offered lucrative salaries, were recruited in mosques, schools and even from the security forces.”

In addition, Agence France-Presse (AFP international news agency) also confirmed that “ISIL is recruiting throughout the region, and Turkey is no exception” . The figure was released in wake of allegations by the parliamentary opposition that Turkey was being used for ISIL recruitment and training. The opposition cited videos that showed purported ISIL fighters at a celebration outside Istanbul in late July.

The Turkish intelligence facilitated the supply of fighters and weapons from Iran through Turkey and to Syria.

In Istanbul Turkey a Caliphate nostalgia for the Ottoman Empire has been on the rise as of late. The Turkish newspaper Today’s Zaman had this to say:

“Therefore it is no coincidence to observe that some of the followers of Erdoğan believe he is a caliph who seeks to resurrect the Islamic Caliphate and the Ottoman Empire. It is no coincidence that Erdoğan’s target of “The Great Turkey” is intended to be completed in 2023 …”

But Erdogan’s support of the ISIS is easy to explain, even though the ISIS declared a caliphate in southern Turkey which seems as a no threat to Erdogan. He is silent because he sees an opportunity since Turkey needs the ISIS to dismantle nationalistic governments then to later consume them to create its Sunni Axis and its Ottoman dream.