Georgetown University Professor equates ISIS with ISRAEL

Anti-Semitism apparently doesn’t fall far from the tree of convicted terrorist financier Sami al-Arian. His son – Abdullah al-Arian – has been caught tweeting that ISIS and Israel are essentially the same thing. In reality, Israel is fighting the Hamas wing of ISIS in Gaza.


Washington Free Beacon’s Adam Kredo reports on the find:

A Georgetown University professor whose father pled guilty to terrorism charges is facing criticism for comparing Israel to the terror group Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL or ISIS) on Twitter.

Georgetown University History Professor Abdullah Al-Arian, the son of Sami Al-Arian, a controversial Israel critic who pled guilty to conspiring with a terror group, tweeted out his take on a common nursery rhyme by comparing Israel to the terror group ISIL, which recently beheaded an American journalist on film.

Abdullah’s father Sami is connected to the virulently anti-Semitic, Jew-hating Muslim Brotherhood. Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) – the group he was convicted of supporting – is widely regarded as a Muslim Brotherhood front. It is bizarre for his son, who appears to share much of his father’s world view, to equate Israel with a Muslim Brotherhood group in ISIS. This does indeed carry with it echoes of the Hitler-loving Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan equating Israel and Netanyahu to Nazis and Hitler, as has reported.

Why do people like Erdogan do such things?

Erdogan: Hitler-lover equates Israel to Nazis.

Erdogan: Hitler-lover equates Israel to Nazis.

In many ways, it’s rather simple. When groups like al-Qaeda after 9/11 and ISIS now, get noticed by enough people, it often leads to more heat on the stealth jihadists. The reality is that the goals of ISIS are the same as the goals of the stealth Muslim Brotherhood jihadists. Tactics are what’s different.

As a result, when the bright spotlight hits groups like ISIS either too intently or for too long, the stealth jihadists get nervous. Not wanting to get caught in that spotlight, attempts are made to use Israel as a shield by equating it to groups that are actually extensions of the Brotherhood. This is what Erdogan has been doing; he supports Hamas. The longer the fighting between Israel and Hamas goes on, the more risk there is that Erdogan’s loyalties will become more and more obvious. What does he do? He equates Israel with the Nazis when in reality, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Nazis go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Back to Abdullah al-Arian:

Al-Arian—a frequent contributor to Al Jazeera, where his sister, Laila, works as a producer in the Washington, D.C. office—teaches history at the university’s School of Foreign Service in Qatar, a country that serves as the terror group Hamas’ top financier.

Al Jazeera? Is this not the Muslim Brotherhood propaganda channel? Yet, al-Arian is saying that ISIS and Israel are interchangeable? Really?

Speaking of Al Jazeera, consider what Abdullah wrote there in the days after the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Mursi was overthrown last year. He was clearly not happy:

If the vacuous civilian leadership and the military’s recent brutality were not enough to demonstrate the shortsighted nature of the “people’s coup” in Egypt, the constitutional declaration issued by army-backed interim president Adly Mansour certainly does.

A year later, it’s been the anti-Muslim Brotherhood Egyptian government that has actually been helpful to Israel and vice versa in both countries’ fight with groups very much in solidarity with ISIS – the same ISIS al-Arian equates with Israel.

George W. Bush poses with Al-Arian family.

George W. Bush poses with Al-Arian family.

Georgetown University
Abdullah al-Arian also has an interesting history with Georgetown University’s Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding (stealth jihadists love that name). The center has been the beneficiary of tens of millions of dollars in donations from Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. The man who serves as Director of the center is John Esposito, who has a history that’s steeped in sympathies for Muslim Brotherhood groups and individuals.

John Esposito: Abdullah al-Arian worked under him.

John Esposito

Esposito has been a particularly close colleague of Dalia Moghahed, a fierce defender of Muslim Brotherhood front groups in the U.S. like ISNA and CAIR.

Abdullah once served as a researcher for the Center, according to Patrick Poole, who concluded:

Confirming the business maxim that “personnel is policy”, we can readily see the extremist and narrow interpretation of Islam promoted by John Esposito and the Georgetown Center as seen by these three staff members. Under Esposito’s direction and since Prince Alwaleed bin Talal’s capital endowment, the Center at Georgetown has become an active front for the Muslim Brotherhood and the Saudi Wahhabi regime, which has repeatedly shown its international commitment to using its significant financial resources to gain access and control of respectable private institutions for its own questionable purposes.

As has reported previously, Esposito has a connection to close Hillary Clinton adviser Huma Abedin. In addition to defending Abedin in a glowing Washington Post Op-ed when Abedin was at the center of controversy resulting from a letter naming her that was sent to the State Department IG, Esposito once served on the Board of the Institute for Muslim Minority Affairs (IMMA).

When Huma Abedin worked at the IMMA with Esposito and Naseef.

When Huma Abedin worked at the IMMA with Esposito and Naseef.


IMMA was commissioned by al-Qaeda financier and Saudi Abdullah Omar Naseef. It was founded by Abedin’s parents. Abedin’s mother and Muslim Sisterhood leader still serves as Editor.


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