State Department Spokesman Caught in MAJOR LIE about ISIS and Turkey

In another heated exchange between State Department spokesman Marie Harf and AP reporter Matt Lee, the issue of whether any governments are funding ISIS / ISIL is proving to be a hot button issue. In this particular exchange, Qatar is the focus but other countries – specifically Turkey – should start getting spotlighted soon.

Harf contends that there is “no evidence” of governments funding ISIL but Lee calls her on that assertion based on a quote from President Obama. To say there is “no evidence” that any government is “supporting this group (ISIS)” is a major lie (h/t WFB):

Let’s go back to the Benghazi attacks. According to Seymour Hersh, the U.S. presence in Benghazi included a weapons trafficking operation, the logistics of which were run by then CIA Director David Petraeus, as relayed. It was allegedly financed by Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. The operation – known as the “Rat Line” involved weapons shipments from Benghazi to Turkey, and then on to the Syrian rebels.

It has become patently obvious that those rebels turned out to be ISIS.

This would mean that the U.S. (Obama), Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia have been supporting ISIS / ISIL.

The Turkish government’s fingerprints are increasingly all over support for ISIS. As reported recently, there are multiple reports that Turkish citizens are capturing ISIS agents and turning them in only to see Turkish authorities release the agents and attack the citizens. Just yesterday, posted videos showing a huge influx of ISIS fighters in Turkey that congregate at training centers.

Here is video of a Syrian opposition fighter from earlier this year in which he says specifically that U.S. and Turkish intelligence services provide him and his fighters with weapons:

Last year, after the chemical attack in Syria – which evidence suggests Turkey was posted a video news report by a Dutch reporter named Bram Vermeulen in which he describes Turkish soldiers helping al-Qaeda, al-Nusra and (ISIS?) terrorists load army supplies in trucks bound for Syria. The Turkish agent who discovered he was being recorded, reportedly got very nervous.

Along those lines and independent from Vermeulen’s findings, posted a video of Terrorists (ISIS) crossing from Turkey into Syria with weapons and walking right past Turkish soldiers:

Last month, reported on the ISIS fighter who proudly proclaimed that their success would not have happened without the support of Turkey.

Let’s not forget the leaked audio recordings of high-ranking Turkish officials in which they conspired to have ISIS / ISIS launch an attack on a revered Turkish Islamic tomb of Suleiman Shah and then use that event to launch Turkish forces into Syria. The Turkish government was also implicated in the attacks on Armenian Christians in Syria, as reported.

As for Harf, she has repeatedly asserted that Turkey is a “Close NATO Ally”.

Unfortunately, that’s actually a whole lot more truthful than the lie that there is “no evidence” of government support for ISIS.

Equally unfortunate is that the government Harf represents (more specifically, the Obama administration) is also guilty of supporting ISIS.


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