CIA-trained Lt. Col. says ISIS the ‘Antichrist of Terrorist Organizations’

Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer appeared on WMAL to talk about the growing threat of ISIS and Barack Obama’s refusal to confront it. At one point, Shaffer referred to ISIS as “the antichrist of terrorist organizations”. This is indeed interesting when one considers the mounting evidence that Turkey has been aiding, abetting, and funding ISIS.

Toward the end of the clip below, Shaffer relayed that his sources inside the Pentagon told him the reason the raid to rescue James Foley failed was because Obama dithered and did not give the order until “the intel got stale”.

(h/t WFB):

An interesting point made by Shaffer is that the perception Obama is disengaged or doesn’t understand the threat is belied by the fact that the President has access to far more and detailed information than anyone else. This is absolutely correct. Whenever media – both conservative and liberal – focuses on the President playing so much golf or refers to him as being “detached”, it plays right into Obama’s hands.

There are only a few explanations for Obama’s refusal to confront America’s enemies (to include leaving the southern border wide open): 1.) he is detached / naive / incompetent and doesn’t understand the threat; 2.) it’s all by design because he hates this country or is in league with America’s enemies or 3.) he’s too afraid.

He cannot have the perception that it’s by design take hold because that would carry with it severe consequences for him personally; ditto the issue of being fearful. Therefore, he must go the extra mile to create the perception that he just doesn’t understand the threat.

The degree to which politicians would rather be seen as complete buffoons who know nothing rather than as complicit actors who know more than the rest of us knows no bounds.

It’s a sad statement when someone would rather be seen as stupid than gutless.

Besides, ignorance shouldn’t be an excuse anyway. Isn’t that why the President has access to all that information?


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