New Strain Of Drug-Resistant HIV Discovered In The Philippines Prepares To Devastate The LGBT

The LGBT has bragged that thanks to advancements in recent anti-viral medication, there is little concern about contracting or spreading HIV. However, this is about to change as a new strain of HIV has just been discovered in the Philippines that is drug-resistant:

A drug-resistant strain of the HIV virus discovered in the Philippines has the potential to spark a new epidemic, scientists have warned.

HIV prevalence among Filipinos has risen sharply in the past decade, at a time when infection rates across the world are beginning to decline.

The United Nations estimates the number of new cases identified in the Philippines each year has risen by 140 per cent since 2010.

Researchers are concerned a new drug-resistant version of the virus, HIV subtype AE, could be fuelling the epidemic.

The strain is more aggressive, more resistant to antiretroviral drugs and progresses to Aids faster than the HIV subtype B generally found in western countries.

“The HIV virus has the potential to transform itself into a new and different virus each time it affects a cell,” Dr Edsel Salvana, director of the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology at the University of the Philippines told DW.

“There are nearly 100 different subtypes of HIV, with new subtypes being discovered every day.

“Most HIV infections in the Western world are of subtype B. Most of the research that we have on HIV is also on subtype B, though it accounts for only about 12 per cent of all global HIV infections.

“We have discovered that the explosion of HIV in the Philippines is due to a shift from the Western subtype B to a more aggressive HIV subtype AE.”

Dr Salvana added: “Those infected by the HIV subtype AE are younger, sicker patients who are more resistant to antiretroviral drugs. We are also seeing a faster progression to Aids under subtype AE.”

Around 5,000 people in the Philippines were living with HIV in 2006, compared to around 56,000 in 2016, according to UN figures.

The number of new cases being diagnosed has also spiked in recent years, with some 10,000 new cases identified in 2016 alone, giving the country the fastest-growing HIV rate in the Asia-Pacific region.

Dr Salvana warned work done in recent decades to combat the HIV virus risked being undone if research was not conducted into the new strain.

“HIV is not done yet. We cannot think of HIV as a single virus but as a collection of viruses that are evolving, with a new mutation that can possibly set off a new epidemic.

“The gains that we have made in decreasing HIV infection rates will be short-lived without research and treatment for HIV subtype AE,” he added.

“This is urgently needed. Specifically for the Philippines, we need more scientists willing to do research work on HIV.” (source)

The CDC has said that at the rate of new HIV infections, an average of 1 out of every 6 homosexuals will contract HIV.

As we have reported, the LGBT today does not take HIV seriously as evidenced through their actions, and they contribute to the spread of AIDS as well as other diseases. When a man fetishizes eating feces, masturbating into open wounds, drinking urine, and doing it on such a level that it is causing a public health crisis, and the response is to demand money from the government for their behavior, there is something very evil.

As mentioned above, there have been considerable advanced in HIV/AIDS medications that have been lauded by the LGBT. The most recent of these is something called PreP, and many homosexuals believe that now they can engage in urine drinking, feces eating, and homosexual activity and they have nothing to worry about. In the words of one homosexual in an article from February 2018:

I have a lot of sex. Topping, bottoming, oral, rimming. I love it all. Living in New York City as a gay man, sex has never been easier to find. I can find it on apps, at the gym, at bars and clubs, on the subway. Anywhere. And amazingly, in my 18 years of sexual activity, I’ve never contracted gonorrhea, chlamydia, or syphilis. Now that I’m on PreP, I no longer fear contracting HIV. (source, source)

PreP is being proposed by the LGBT as the “catch all” solution to HIV/AIDS. Considering that the homosexuals themselves admit that the normalization of HIV/AIDS began in homosexual circles because they are the prime vectors of the disease due to their behavior, and given that as the Bible says that homosexuality is an advanced form of an acute spiritual degeneracy, which St. Paul notes is the reason why the LGBT are worthy of death (see Romans 1), then it would make natural sense that the LGBT would seek to find any reason to continue to legitimize their behaviors without actually stopping them. It is the equivalent of people who want medicine to eliminate the effects of a hangover but not actually stop drinking in excess, which is the cause of getting a hangover.

Many doctors, especially those who are favorable towards the LGBT, will push the idea that PreP is as good as having “protected sex” with a condom because it is so “effective” in reducing the transmission of HIV/AIDS, such as in the case of an article on, which is a New York City based “resource” for information about HIV/AIDS:

The CDC website’s FAQ for PreP states that PreP is NOT actually meant to be a substitute for condoms, and makes this very clear in bold letters:

The LGBT is lying to their own people about the drug that has been manufactured explicitly to help them by saying that the CDC says “unprotected” sodomy (which is called “barebacking” by the LGBT) is no different than sex with a condom. The CDC outright says on its website that PreP’s main focus is to help sodomites:

Read carefully what the CDC says, and note how at the end it conveniently says that people who are”drug users” should take it too. The fact is that people who use drugs OVERWHELMINGLY are not going to take this because it would only apply to intravenous drug use, and given the number of “free needle” distribution programs that exist in cities and other areas, most serious drug users, even in very poor conditions, take the initiative to get clean needles and keep them for their personal use so they can shoot up without getting sick.

This is an example of doublespeak for saying without saying directly what is already known, which is that the LGBT is THE reason for PreP’s existence and the main market for PreP’s manufacturer, which is Truvada. A look at Truvada’s website proves this, as they show a repeating video of homosexuals dancing, kissing, holding hands, and doing other activities on their home page:

These people aren’t drug users, and if they are, the only drug they are using is methamphetamine because they believe it increases their ‘pleasure’ during homosexual activity. It is so common that it has reached “epidemic” levels among the LGBT and has been linked to promoting drug-resistant HIV according to

As one of the most popular drugs in the gay community, users mistakenly believe that crystal meth leads to fun and enhances their life experiences. Due to that train of thought, this drug has become somewhat of an epidemic among the gay population—particularly in major metropolitan cities.

In general, gay men report higher levels of drug and alcohol addiction than their straight counterparts. Over the last 15 years, crystal meth has grown into a particularly destructive force in the gay community.

“The number of arrests involving crystal meth has doubled so far this year over 2013,” said Michael Kasten, a committee chairperson on Florida’s No More Meth Task Force. “If you look at the actual arrests by sector [in Florida], they are in the gay neighborhoods of Fort Lauderdale.”

“It’s such a tough problem. There’s such a high rate of recidivism; you don’t get much success,” said Mark Ketcham, executive director of SunServe. “If you know you’re not going to win, it’s hard to take it on, but we have to start somewhere. We have to start addressing the whys. It’s an uphill battle, this damn thing. It’s just very frustrating.”

Though meth is a destructive force in every demographic, it’s particularly damaging within the gay community. The most pressing concerns are based on data that indicates crystal meth can potentially help promote a virulent strain of HIV (dubbed the HIV “SuperVirus”) and/or severely reduce the effects of life-saving HIV medications. (source)

So then why does the LGBT insist on having “bareback” sex with a “magic pill” called PreP that they insist will not give them HIV, even though considering all of these factors reason would clearly be against them? Because, as one homosexual wrote in an article about PreP in January 2018 for the Huffington Post, “latex” (meaning a condom) interferes with the “pleasure” of their activities:

When I first started PrEP it was half-experiment, half-dream. It seemed too good to be true, as I’m sure most of my peers would agree, and I didn’t know if, despite tremendous evidence of success, I’d ever be comfortable with a condom-less sex life.

Anyone who lived through the plague understands the haunting feeling of even suspecting the latex broke. We’d never have unsafe sex again. We’d never feel the pleasure of skin inside of skin. It was one more sacrifice in a world of getting less than we deserved.

I’m not complaining, because we were the lucky ones. “Undetectable” is yet another miraculous achievement on the road to a more fulfilling, stress-reduced sex life, for everyone involved. We’ve come to a point in gay sex where “Positive” means “Discussion,” and little else. PrEP is doing the same for condoms. “Bare or Safe” is now “Raw or Wrapped.”

I no longer use condoms and I have no regrets. Evidence now suggests that, if you take PrEP daily, as I always do, the risks of HIV infection is roughly the same, or lower, than condoms, and I’ve rediscovered a world of pleasure denied to me for more than 30 years.

I’m lucky to have high testosterone levels, but even in my twenties the rubber was often a boner kill, and there have been so many times partners and I settled for oral sex or jerking off. The last time I put a condom on, in the fall, at his rightful insistence, the mood vanished faster than Trump’s brain at a science fair.

I made the decision to go completely condom-less soon after, and the rewards are great. Sexual gratification has heightened exponentially — the best it’s ever been — and any partner I’m with has to be comfortable with my choice. (source)

The LGBT admit the entire purpose of PreP, “HIV/AIDS” education and awareness, and the millions of dollars of research is to help nobody but themselves. They want the sympathy and financial subsidy of people who do not engage in homosexual deviancy to pay for the research, development, and distribution of drugs and medical treatments directly caused by their unnatural and evil behavior all because they enjoy the feeling of masturbating with feces into another man’s rectum.

This is why HIV/AIDS is a sodomite disease, it always has been a sodomite disease, and will always be a sodomite disease, for while it is true that people can contract it from means other than homosexual activity, the overwhelming body of evidence says, including the LGBT, that they are THE reason for the spread of HIV/AIDS because of their behavior.

However, the joke is on the LGBT, and the LGBT promotion of PreP may be the biggest joke of all because it is now only a matter of time before this new strain of HIV/AIDS spreads to the USA and around the world among the LGBT.

We know this because of three reasons- (a) homosexuals love to sodomize each other and have hundreds to thousands of partners in a lifetime, (b) homosexuals think that PreP is a vertiable “cure all” for HIV/AIDS, and (c) homosexuals LOVE to travel abroad for sex tourism.

The Philippines is one of the most friendly places in the world for cheap, easy sex. Sleazy men from the USA, UK, and Germany have traveled their for years to get cheap, easy sex, and likewise the LGBT are without exception. According to TravelGayAsia, the Philippines is one of the most popular destinations for homosexual sex tourism. As Wikipedia notes:

The Philippines is ranked as one of the most gay-friendly nations in Asia. The country ranked as the 10th most gay-friendly in a 2013 global survey covering 39 countries, in which only 17 had majorities accepting homosexuality. Titled “The Global Divide on Homosexuality,” the survey conducted by the Pew Research Center showed that 73% of adult Filipinos agreed with the statement that “homosexuality should be accepted by society,” up by nine percentage points from 64% in 2002. (source)

What is going to happen is that homosexuals from the USA, UK, and Germany are going to go to the Philippines and engage in homosexual activity with local homosexuals. Most of them will be OK, but inevitably, ONE of them is going to become infected with this new HIV strain. It is not a matter of if, but when because there is going to be a lot of people that go, they are going to have a lot of sex, and no matter how much “protection” they use, even if they all used condoms, there will be an “unexpected” transmission that will happen. The fact that the act of barebacking has made a massive revival because of PreP is only going to hasten the transmission because as noted, PreP does NOT stop this new form of HIV but since the LGBT believes it does, they will engage in even riskier behavior in the pursuit of pleasure without thinking about possible future consequences.

When these people return to the USA or Europe, they will continue their lives and activities as they normally would. However, about four to six months in, and clearly after they have been with at least several other men, they will notice symptoms they have HIV/AIDS. It will be too late to stop anything now, because they will have spread the disease to other men who they do not know and who in turn will have spread it to others.

This will cause a panic among the LGBT, at which point they will demand more money for HIV/AIDS research, more money for education, and more sympathy for their disordered, sinful behavior. Then the same speeches will come out about helping fight HIV/AIDS, the same fundraising dinners will be offered, and the hackneyed cries for pity will be poured out to the public once again.

The only people who deserve pity are those whose lives were affected by the LGBT in ways they could not control. Children born with HIV/AIDS, people raped by homosexuals, or those who were in honest, morally legitimate relationships who contracted HIV/AIDS due to the immorality of their spouse such as a married man who secretly sodomizes other men and then gives it to his wife but she does not know either about his activity or the disease (this does NOT include men and women who are “swingers,” which is an increasing problem) are included in this.

It is true that Christians need to love all people. But love involves both mercy and justice, and what lacks today is an understanding that the justice and mercy of God come in ways that men do not expect.

Consider, could the rise of a new and drug-resistant strain of HIV/AIDS at a time when the sodomites proclaim they have a pill that stops the disease and gives them license to sodomize each other at will be the love of God at work? In the sense of justice, could it be turning the homosexuals over to the consequences of their sins so that as the Bible says “the wage of sin is death,” they are receiving the death sentence for their behaviors? In the sense of mercy, could it be that having been given such a death sentence, they have a period of time while they are still alive to repent and make true contrition for their sins in order that they might avoid eternal punishment?

The wage of sin is death. The homosexuals, in pursuit of the extremes of pleasure, are forcing the legitimization of their evil actions down the throat of society. They have power, influence, and the support of the majority of the nation, and they wield that power to attempt to crush all who oppose their support of mortal sin. Their support continues to increase, and the future is being portrayed as one in which Christian truth is irrelevant and will be abolished.

Yet as the Bible so clearly lauds, the Lord looks down from Heaven at the plans of men and He laughs, seeing that as we are dust and to dust we will return, that all who would try to take the place of God will suffer the same punishment as those before who have embraced the same way of perdition.

PreP might stop some HIV transmission. The support of homosexuality may increase. Men may persecute those who stand against the LGBT. It may and likely will worsen in the future.

But God sees all, and knows what is happening. His justice might seem delayed, or as though it will not come at all.

It will come. And when it does come, woe to all who are unprepared.