The Turkish military has now taken control of 282 villages in Syria, and they are expanding deeper into Syria and eventually want to invade Iraq

By Walid Shoebat & Theodore Shoebat

The Turkish military has now taken control of 282 villages, in the area of Afrin in Northern Syria. Turkish forces are getting deeper and deeper into Syria and eventually want to invade Iraq. Just days ago reported on how Erdogan has vowed to continue mobilizing his forces into Iraq. According to sources on the ground, Turkish forces have already taken the Syrian town of Tel Rifaat.

What is most interesting about this story is that the Turkish military is not taking these towns and villages alone, but is doing so in conjunction with the Free Syrian Army (FSA), the very militia that the CIA backed and armed at the beginning of the Syrian Civil War. Now the Turkish government is backing the remnants of the FSA, after many of its members have defected to ISIS or other Islamist insurgent groups.

We know for a fact that the CIA backed, trained and armed the fighters for the FSA. One FSA fighter, who just went by “Fighter A,” in a 2014 interview with Vice said that he was trained in a camp in Daara, Jordan (right next to the border with Syria), and that his trainers were Americans in military uniform:

“The Americans who taught us wore military uniforms I did not recognize. We called them by their first names, and they spoke English to us. … We were trained in urban warfare and street fighting: how to break into buildings as a team, how to blow up houses held by the enemy, and how to free captives. … Before the camp I used a Kalashnikov and light machine guns, and at the camp I was trained to shoot faster and more accurately. Mortars and anti-tank missiles like the SPG-9 were new to me.

According to a 2015 report from the Daily Beast, “the FSA has managed to hold its ground because its campaign is clearly being coordinated and encouraged by Western and regional intelligence services, which have displayed a newfound willingness to allow more defensive weaponry to their proxies.” Supposedly, under the Trump administration, the flow of supplies to the FSA has been cut off. Now, Turkey is backing the FSA, with a report from Newsweek speaking of “a Turkey-backed Free Syrian Army group opposed to ISIS, the Syrian military and the mostly Kurdish forces supported by the Pentagon, all of which are vying for control in northern Syria.”

So Turkey is now leading the very forces that the CIA established, armed and trained, to fight against a US-led Kurdish force that is armed by the Americans. So, in other words, the Americans are doing what they do best and are playing both sides. Having armed one side, and now arming the other side, the two sides are now killing each other under the auspices of the military industrial complex. The same report from Newsweek states:

The Free Syrian Army was also the primary recipient of CIA funding to overthrow Assad, but this support diminished as ISIS and Al-Qaeda became increasingly influential among rebels. Turkey attempted to unify the remains of the Free Syrian Army in northern Syria in May, and reports emerged in July that the Trump administration had cut all CIA funding to rebel groups that refused to stop fighting Assad and at times clashed with the Pentagon-backed Syrian Democratic Forces, which is now the U.S.’s primary partner in Syria.

We know that the CIA armed and trained the FSA; we now know that Turkey is leading the FSA. The common report that Trump stopped the arming of the FSA because they are terrorists, or because they “refused to stop fighting Assad” is hard to believe. The United States has simply delegated the directing of the rebels to Turkey, allowing Ankara to advance into Syria. Last year the Daily Beast reported on “the possibility that Turkey and Qatar would fill the breach” in directing the rebels. As we have said before, Turkey’s strength stems from the Gladio program in which the CIA armed Turkey to the point that it is the second most armed country in NATO. The US wanted Turkey to become a superpower, and is allowing Turkey to conduct its policy of expansionism.

For one, lets look at some of the history of the US’ military industrial complex’s instrumental role in the Islamization of the world.

For decades the US has purchased oil from OPEC at very high prices, in exchange for oil rich countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran to purchase American weapons. In other words, ‘We buy your oil, you buy our weapons.’ With the US spending tremendous amounts of money for Mid-east oil, the Shah of Iran, with the exhortation of Nixon and Kissinger, in the words of a New York Times article: “took the initiative for OPEC’s enormous increase of oil prices in 1973; the oil revenues thus obtained helped him order more weapons and launch big projects.”

The American greenback given for oil, would be used by Saudi Arabia to fund the CIA-backed Muslim Brotherhood and also the Muslim World League, which was founded by the Saudi king Faisal in 1962. Part of Faisal’s motive behind the League was to “set up an ‘Islamic bloc,’ complete with American support,” against the secular leader of Egypt, Gamal Abdel Nasser. There are European sources that say that the World Muslim League was funded by the Arabian-American Oil Company (Aramco). For example, the French writer Richard Labévière, states that the League “received funds from Aramco” (Labévière, Dollars for Terror, p. 42). Now, why would the CIA be interested in the Saudi’s rivalry with Gamal Abdel Nasser?

Nasser was very much so favored by the Soviets, and so it makes sense that that is why the US would back the anti-Soviet Muslim Brotherhood. What does this mean? Gladio. Operation Gladio, which we have talked a lot about here on, was a project conducted by the CIA and other intelligence agencies of NATO countries, specifically those of Western Europe and Turkey, to arm and train neo-Nazi and nationalist terrorists to create paramilitary armies to fight the Soviet Union. In this policy, the CIA and NATO were not just arming and training Nazis and nationalists, but also anti-Soviet Islamic fundamentalists. Hence why the CIA armed the Taliban.

With American dollars paying for Saudi oil, all throughout the Muslim world, from the Middle East to Indonesia, Saudi Wahhabi madrassas were being built. With this intensification of Islamic fundamentalism, there began to be a violent Islamization of Afghanistan, which really destabilized the region, which was then under Soviet control. Diego Cordovez and Selig S. Harrison write on the CIA’s collaboration with the Islamists in Afghanistan to repulse the Soviets and their sympathizers:

“Savak [Iranian intelligence] and the CIA worked hand in hand, sometimes in loose collaboration with underground Afghan Islamic fundamentalist groups that shared their anti-Soviet objectives but had their own agendas as well. The Afghan fundamentalists were closely linked, in turn, to the Cairo-based Ikhwan ul-Musulmeen (Muslim Brotherhood) and the Rabitat-al-Alam-al-Islami (Muslim World League), a leading exponent of Saudi Wahabi orthodoxy. As oil profits sky-rocketed, emissaries from these newly affluent Arab fundamentalist groups arrived on the Afghan scene with bulging bankrolls. Like Savak, they hired informers who attempted to identify Communist sympathizers throughout the Afghan government and armed forces.” (Diego Cordovez & Selig S. Harrison, Out of Afghanistan, p. 16)

The United States’ involvement with Saudi Arabia and the development of its Islamist network was also interconnected with the US weapons dealing apparatus. One of the best examples of this was the multi-billionaire arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi, who became the marketing arm for Lockheed Martin, one of the largest defense companies in the world. Khashoggi was very close with president Richard Nixon and even promised him good relationships with Arab capitals. Khashoggi attended the 1973 Nixon inaugural.

The US’ role in the Islamization of the world interconnects with the Nixon administration’s support for the Pakistani government’s genocide of the people of Bangladesh in 1971 in which between 300,000 to 3 million people were slaughtered. In 1970, Bangladeshi separatists won a landslide victory in the elections. In 1971, Pakistani forces, with the backing of the CIA, entered Bangladesh and commenced the slaughter in one of the most recent holocausts that very few ever talk about. Ten million Bangladeshis were displaced and fled to India where they died in droves in horrid refugee camps. Nixon and Henry Kissinger supported the Pakistani government, as we read in a report from the New York Times: “…President Richard M. Nixon and Henry A. Kissinger, his national security adviser, vigorously supported the killers and tormentors of a generation of Bangladeshis.”

The CIA also pushed for the Islamization of Iran, when they recruited Islamic mullahs to support the coup against Mohammad Mossadeq in 1953. Years later, in 1979, the Shah of Iran was overthrown — with the backing of the US government — and the Islamism of the Ayatollah took over. So when people blabber on about “IRAN IS A TERRORIST STATE”, remember that the US enabled it to become a terrorist state.

With the rise of Islamism, the civil war in Syria and the carnage in Iraq, we are now seeing the rise of Turkey with its armies expanding into Syria and heading towards Iraq. This was all part of the plan of Gladio, since during Operation Gladio the US government armed Turkey to the teeth for supposedly the purpose of preparing Turkey for a Russian invasion of the Middle East. As Swiss historian Daniele Ganser has written:

“As Turkey furthermore guarded a third of NATO’s total borders with Warsaw Pact countries, the Turkish elite became an excellent defense contractor for the United States military industry and recipient of billions in US aid. Armed by the United States during the Cold War, Turkey set up the largest armed forces in Europe, and the second largest in NATO after the United States. In a reckless gamble the United States in 1961 stationed even nuclear missiles in Turkey targeting the Soviet Union.” (Ganser, NATO’s Secret Armies, ch. 17, p. 225)

When ISIS was on its killing spree in Syria and Iraq, the media talked about ISIS non-stop. But now we have something worse than ISIS in Syria: we have the second more armed country in NATO, and it is on the warpath, heading right for Iraq, and with its technology it will orchestrate a genocide far worse than what ISIS did. But remember, what was the mission of Gladio: it was to spark violent nationalism in Europe and in Turkey, by having Nazi and nationalist terrorists do terrorist attacks and then blame them on leftists or Soviet agents. With the migrant crises, we are seeing the increase of terrorism in Europe, and with this, we are seeing the sudden surge in ethno-nationalism. What caused the so-called migrant crises? It was all of the violence in the Middle East caused by CIA operations and the war mongers like those in PNAC (Project for the New American Century).

In 1998, John Bolton signed a declaration, alongside other operatives for the Project for the New American Century (PNAC), calling for the Clinton administration to remove Saddam through military force. The statement that Bolton signed asked president Clinton “to turn your Administration’s attention to implementing a strategy for removing Saddam’s regime from power. This will require a full complement of diplomatic, political and military efforts. Although we are fully aware of the dangers and difficulties in implementing this policy, we believe the dangers of failing to do so are far greater.” Lets also not forget the Center for Security Policy, another CIA front that was backed by CIA director William Casey, and that has for decades pushed for arming insurgents and for destructive interventionist policies.

In 2001, the Center for Security Policy posted an article by the former director of the CIA James Woolsey, in which he said: “We need to arm the Iraqi opposition in the north and south and provide advisers and other assistance, as in Afghanistan.” These think-tanks, like PNAC and the Center for Security Policy, are reflections of the continuation of policy, from Afghanistan to now, and that is the arming of insurgents and the facilitation of the rise of insidious ideologies. 

These think-tanks are also a reflection of the scientific elite. The Center for Security Policy was financially established by Richard Mellon Scaife, a multi-billionaire who, while funding numerous right-wing think-tanks, was a major funder of Planned Parenthood, giving millions to the eugenist organization. It is this type of war mongering, fueled by the military industrial complex, that has caused the violence that led to the migrant crises. The migrants’ presence in Europe has provoked the nationalist surge, which means the legitimization of eugenics and racialist ideologies. The rise of Turkey and the resurgence of violent nationalism (Nazism) in Europe, goes all the way back to Gladio.