While Many Western Christians Are Debating About How To Give Moral Legitimacy To Homosexual Behavior, Many Muslims Are Working On Eliminating Homosexuality And Converting The Homosexuals To Islam

Christians in the Western world who hold true to Christian teaching on homosexuality are increasingly being persecuted by secular society as well as fellow Christians who are seeking to give moral legitimacy to the inherently evil act of homosexuality. However, in Malaysia, Muslims recently met and had a contest for how to figure out how to convert homosexuals and prevent the spread of homosexuality itself:

Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) recently held a contest on how to convert lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) students in what organisers said was an attempt to “reach out” to the community.

According to NBC News, the contest which included the creation of posters was part of a forum called “Back to Fitrah”. The forum, held on March 24, was organised by the Muslim Students’ Association and formally approved by USM.

The report said posters for the event also included the logo for the higher education ministry.

Second-year student Abdul Hadi Radzi, who was one of the contest organisers, said the goal was to educate people.

“This is our view to correct LGBT. Not to persecute. Not to condemn them,” he told NBC.

“We want to help. We love them.”

Meanwhile, biology student Fatimah Jamaludin whose poster won a prize in the contest, said she wanted to have a better understanding of her LGBT peers to help them feel peace.

“One thing that you can do to make your heart feel calm is to say ‘thanks to Allah, Allahu akbar, Allah is great’, and that will make you feel peace,” she was quoted as saying.

The USM contest follows a similar competition organised by the health ministry last June.

The ministry’s contest had invited participants to submit video clips on how to “prevent” homosexuality and transgenderism.

The contest guidelines added that the videos must include elements showing the “consequences” of being LGBT, as well as how to “prevent, control and seek help” for them.

It described gender identity disorder, also known as gender dysphoria, and cited examples of people who are gay, lesbian, transsexual and tomboys.

The competition sparked criticism from activists who said it was encouraging discrimination and sending a negative message to society.

The ministry later amended the guidelines, removing the terms “gender confusion” and “LGBT”.

Health deputy director-general Dr Lokman Hakim Sulaiman said the contest was meant to help enhance the knowledge and practice of healthy lifestyles among adolescents concerning sexual and reproductive health.

He added that the video competition did not intend to create discrimination against any particular group.

In 2012, meanwhile, authorities issued guidelines and held seminars aimed at helping teachers and parents spot signs of homosexuality in children.

In 2011, authorities in Terengganu organised a camp for “effeminate” boys to show them how to become men.

Homosexuality is taboo in Malaysia, where gay sex is criminalised, punishable by up to 20 years in prison, caning or a fine. (source)

Homosexuality is a crime in Malaysia. However, we can see here that Muslims who believe in Islam are taking serious steps using Islam to try and convert homosexuals. This is what some might call “gay conversion therapy,” but Islamic style. Note her there was no specific emphasis on killing homosexuals.

I note this because it is often a criticism of people in the “counter jihad” movement that something which makes the west “morally superior” to the Islamic work is that “the West” support Sodom and Gomorrah while “those bad Muslims” do not.

Make no mistake, this is NOT to give moral license to Islam, or to say that this somehow compensates for the evils of Islam. It also does not address the issue as we at Shoebat.com have mentioned concerning how Islam is very pro-homosexual, with the only difference being how said homosexuality is practiced in an Islamic context instead of a “western” one.

In many Muslim countries, homosexuals are persecuted or put to death. This is itself completely consistent with Biblical teaching as well as that of sacred Christian tradition, which is that homosexuality is “worthy of death” as St. Paul notes.

The emphasis on “converting” the homosexuals represents an approach that many Christians of good will take in the Western world, for they recognize the evil of homosexuality but through their ministry work are attempting to offer mercy to the homosexual in spite of the evil lifestyle that he lives. This is what these Muslims are attempting to do.

In the “civilized” western world today, it has been declared that anything which the LGBT opposes is a form of a “human rights” violation. Increasingly, this has come to include the Bible and Christianity itself, for Christianity by its nature is opposed to everything which the LGBT does. However, in spite of this persecution, there is a majority and still an increasing number of Christians who support homosexuality and homosexual marriage. The numbers vary and increase by proportion with each generation, but the support of homosexual is overwhelming among Christians, with mainline Protestants and Catholics leading in support at 68% and 67% respectively, Black Protestants at 44% and White Evangelical Protestants at 35%. People with no religion support turn in at 85%.

The numbers above are for the support of homosexual marriage, not the act of homosexuality itself, which naturally will be even higher.

Numbers are not available for the Muslim world and would be of great interest. However, one can say that is it highly unlikely to find the same support of homosexuality among Muslims of Generation Z overseas in comparison to that in the USA or Western Europe.

It is true that a man is saved by grace through faith. However, in the words of St. James, faith without works is dead because faith cannot be shown apart from one’s works, and by one’s works a man demonstrates his faith. Put into a common man’s speech, “talk is cheap” and “practice what you preach.” There can be people who genuinely believe in incorrect religions such as Islam but who understand natural law and the difference between right and wrong, while at the same time there can be people who profess the truth but do not follow it and so by their actions they deny their own beliefs.

People are concerned about the rise of Islam in the western world and the evils which Islam has brought, and they have every reason to be concerned. However, at the same time, one cannot deny that there are things which the Muslim world is doing that even if the path of rationale taken by Muslims to justify their actions is incorrect or flawed, that the fact is that in certain aspects, many Muslims are following natural law better than the people of the western world, and they do so because they genuinely believe that their religion is true and they are doing it for what they believe is the sake of what is right.

For many Christians, to be a Christian is synonymous with good citizenry, an error which has emerged over the centuries but became deeply ingrained into Western society after the Protestant revolution. While it is always good to be a good citizen, it is not synonymous with being a Christian- one only needs to remember that the earliest saints of the Church would be considered terrible citizens because they refused to bow to the Roman Emperor, which was considered a mark of being a “good” Roman citizen.

Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed as a sign for all time of the evils of homosexuality. God is holy and all that is good, and what He did thousands of years ago for a specific reason remains as pertinent a moral example for today as it did in the days of old.

If Christians are serious about stopping the rise of Islam, they will be equally and even more zealous in their opposition to the LGBT, for the sins of the LGBT which cry out to Heaven for vengeance could bring about the destruction of the western world using the Muslims as the instrument of God’s justice against a society who has abandoned His mercy and will not repent.