Mexican Drug Cartel Captures Man, Puts A Collar On Him And Chains Him To The Ground Like A Dog, Then Slowly Cuts Off Each Of His Limbs As He Screams For Help And They Beat Him With His Dismembered Limbs

One of the major drug cartels in Mexico, Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion, has recently released a video showing a horrible execution of a man. The cartel tied the man to the ground using a collar and chain like a dog, then slowly filmed themselves as they sawed off each of his limbs while he screamed for help and they mocked him:

In Michoacán, cells of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG) and Los Viagras, from the Sierra Santana brothers, scale the battle for control of the territories. The Tierra Caliente zone is the center of the struggle. For weeks the war has been concentrated in the municipality of La Huacana, the home of Miguel Ángel Gallegos Godoy, Migueladas, considered the great capo of the entity and current head of the CJNG in the state.

Nicolás Sierra Santana, alias El Gordo, an alleged leader of the criminal group “Los Viagra”, claimed the persecution against Silvano Aureoles government against him; who allegedly alleged to have paid him – first – to “appease” the state. (source)

If you have not watched Ted’s documentary Hell Across The Border about the influence of Mexican drug cartels and the terror they inflict upon Mexico, you need to watch it now because it will provide you with vital insights and exclusive interviews about the situation with the infamous drug cartels.

The situation with Mexico and the drug wars is easy to understand and not complicated, but more detailed than simply “build the wall” because “bad democrats” want to “give jobs to illegals” instead of “patriotic Americans.”

The situation with Mexico is that:

-The drug cartels were created and still maintained as a part of CIA black operations. This has been known since the 1970s.

-Minimum wage in the USA is equal to years and sometimes decades of wages in certain Central American countries

-The American agribusiness industry admits they rely on illegal workers because they are happy with what would be very low pay for an American, and without such low pay their farms would economically collapse.

-American Evangelical Protestants support many of the drug cartels in the name of “evangelism”

-Politicians love the illegal issue because they use it as a justification for their pet policies since neither party, Republican or Democrat, cares at all about the welfare of the people but how they can use them for their personal gain.

-Illegal immigration from Mexico has a long history that the US and Mexican governments both use for personal benefit that even the CIA admits in declassified documents from the 1980s:

If America wanted to stop the “illegal” issue, she would in a heartbeat and use all possible ends, including deadly force to do this. Remember that America is the same nation which determined that the Indians were not human and had them systematically wiped out and placed into the first ghettos, which were the Indian reservations and then placed them onto government welfare to control them.

The same can be said about Germany with the “migrant” crisis. has demonstrated repeatedly that there is no “refugee crisis” taking place in Germany, and that the transfer of people from Africa and the Middle East in the quantity that is taking place would not be able to happen without government assistance in every step in the process, from destroying the nations that people are migrating from to paying traffickers, coordinating border crossings, off-landing into mainland Europe, and procuring welfare. This population transfer is as extensive as World War II Germany’s Festung Europa project except in reverse but for the same end, which is the perpetuation of German nationalism.

Hordes of fruit pickers from Mexico are not going to be able to take over the USA in the same way that hordes of banana pickers from Africa are not going to be able to take over Germany on their own power. The only way that such people would be able to reach the heights of great power is unless it was directly given to them and coordinated from those who gave it to them, which would not make sense to do unless it was directed towards a greater purpose for a particular end. Since people in power rarely give up power, it would make sense that they would give up or appear to give up some power in order to attempt to increase their own, akin to investing money in a project with the intention to making a later return.

For example, consider the “refugee crisis” again in Germany. There is much talk about the “trouble” being caused by the Muslims and Africans, and it is true that there is much. However, the CIA admitted in classified documents decades ago that most “migrants,” and especially those from Africa, are generally satisfied and not prone to violence, discontentment, political activism, or overall social disorder:


This is not to say that it does not exist. What it does suggest is that the real examples of discontentment today is both being intensely focused on as well as being actively fomented for the purpose of reporting on it but not actually addressing it through the courts system, thus causing discontenment among the “native” population, the appearance that the government isn’t “solving” the problem, and making people open to a new solution. At the same time, nationalist political parties in Europe with connections to major financial and business interests in Europe are appearing.

In addition, the CIA also reported that Africa was ripe for a population crisis because due to a culture of open borders, a lack of a developed sedentary civilization in a Western sense, and a strong belief in personal fertility, it would take very little to precipitate a shift of people across borders of other nations:

The migration situation in Europe has been known about for DECADES, and yet it was allowed to happen. Not only was it allowed to happen, but the factors that would precipitate it were directly subsidized and then amplified for the purpose of destabilizing Europe in order that Europe would be able to leverage public support for nationalism and an attempt to return as a major force in world affairs.

If Europe and America are willing to go to such extensive lengths as to destabilize an entire continent for the purpose of inciting a war, what is to say that the US has not been doing the same in Latin America for self-interest?

The drug conflict generates a lot of profits for government “black operations” and those who cooperate with them- hence why the wall will NEVER be built just as why there are major banks all along the US-Mexican border, as they are involved in laundering drug money. It gives a “reason” for US interference in Central American affairs, not to mention providing the drug fix to Americans which they so desperately ask for.

In a financial sense, “everybody wins,” with the only losers being the common people whose lives, such as the man above, are reduced to that of cattle and are slaughtered at will for the gain of a few at the expense of the many.