Warmongering US Ambassador Brags About Starting Proxy Wars With Russia, Tells Russia At UN ‘You Will Never Be Our Friend- We Will Slap You Around When We Need To’

US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley bragged in a recent interview that the USA has been starting proxy wars with Russia and that the US will “slap around” Russia “when (we) need to”:

Nikki Haley has erupted in another fiery Russophobic rant, warning that Russia will “never be America’s friend.” Moscow can try to behave “like a regular country,” but the US will “slap them when we need to,” Haley said.

The US ambassador to the UN is not known for her friendly stance toward Moscow, but her new take on US-Russia relations stands out among even her most rabid ramblings. Speaking at Duke University in North Carolina on Friday, Haley admitted that friendly relations with Russia is an unlikely prospect, adding that the Trump team has done more against Moscow than any other administration since Ronald Reagan’s tenure.

Russia’s never going to be our friend,” Haley told students at a Q&A session, responding to a question about “holding Russia accountable” for alleged meddling in the 2016 presidential election. The diplomat said Washington still works with Moscow “when we need to, and we slap them when we need to.”

She then raised the stakes further: “Everybody likes to listen to the words. I’m going to tell you – look at the actions,” Haley urged. “We expelled 60 Russian diplomats/spies, we have armed Ukraine so that they can defend themselves,” she added.

According to the UN envoy, the US is doing “two things Russia would never want us to do,” namely enlarging the military and expanding its energy policy. “So, this president has done more against Russia than any president since Reagan,” she asserted.

“You haven’t seen the end of what this administration will do to Russia. You will continue to see that play out,” she stressed.

Cooling down the degree of Russia-bashing in her speech, Haley said the US and Russia do cooperate on Afghanistan and Africa, looking out for areas of mutual interest. Meanwhile, she claimed, “our relations with Russia depend solely on Russia.”

However, the Russian leadership can make life easier “if they decide to be a good actor and deal in the international community like regular countries,” the ambassador noted, adding that “they will see more countries want to work with them.”

The topic of Russia-bashing and Moscow’s alleged interference in US democratic processes seems far away from dwindling, despite no solid evidence being presented so far to the public. Moscow has repeatedly brushed off the claims. “Until we see facts, everything else will be just blather,” Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in Munich last month.

However, there could be signs of improvement on the horizon. Donald Trump has recently suggested meeting Russian leader Vladimir Putin in Washington, DC. In March, he said the two leaders “will be meeting in the not too distant future to discuss the arms race which is getting out of control.” Putin and Trump have so far met twice.

The first meeting occurred during the G20 summit in Germany last July, and the second took place on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Vietnam in November. President Putin, as well as several Russian officials, has continuously signaled Moscow’s readiness to improve ties with the US and the West, based on trust and respect. (source)

The hypocristy and utter insanity of what “Nikki Haley”- a.k.a. Nimrata Randhawa- is saying must concern every person of good will regardless of political beliefs, nation, or ideology.

Russia and America are both world powers. They are great nations with established histories and major world influence. Their decisions direct the course of history.

There is a truth in saying that Russia and the USA are not going to be friends because due to their histories, locations, and similar visions of their place in the world, there will likely always be some level of rivalry. However, the questions is whether such rivalry can be managed and directed to healthy and generally constructive ends, or whether it will result in serious fighting and conflict.

She admits that the USA under Obama and now Trump funded and continues to fund the rebellions in Ukraine and Syria for the purpose of destabilizing Russian interests and weakening their position in the world. This is a direct admission of what we at Shoebat.com have been hammering over and over, which is the influence of Operation Gladio, where the US Government has supported national socialism or movements that could be used in order to boost support for national socialism as official foreign policy since the end of the Second World War as a response to the international socialism of the USSR and has continued to do so unabated since that time.

People called us crazy, stupid, “selling out to the Muslims,” and a host of other names when we said this. We changed the entire focus of the website itself in order to address this issue because we were able to prove that the “counter-jihad movement” was just one front through the “conservative movement” which operated under the direct control of many people who were directly tied to Gladio. Yet regardless of whatever criticism we received, Nikki Haley’s direct admission of US geopolitical games with Russia is the visible proof, the tangible fruit, of the decades of news articles, policy decisions, and philosophical, scientific, cultural, and intellectual manipulation that we and others have documented from publicly available records to the depth of this operation and our warnings.

But returning to the issue of Russia and the USA, imagine for a moment in Russia was not just caught, but directly admitted on national television just as she did to giving weapons to Mexican or Central American drug cartels which they could then use to attack US military positions along the US-Mexican border. Americans would explode in response- they would say this is an “act of war” by Russia against the USA, which it rightly would be, and they would call for immediate diplomatic, economic, and possible military retaliations against Russia or Russian interests.

Now compare Russia’s response to the Ukraine situation. They have criticized the USA in a very gentle, controlled manner. They have opposed the rebels but been very measured in their response. Russia has been involved in Syria, but they have not been just attacking and bragging about attacking American possessions in the region or abroad. They have in spite of CONTINUAL American provocation acted with restraint and been more than just in their relations with what the USA admits to doing with them.

I do not want to criticize either Russia or America because while both nations have their problems and real issues, they are both truly great countries with equally important, unique roles in the world. A conflict between either is not good for anybody because it could pull in the entire world, and because with great power comes great responsibility, it is the moral responsibility of both nations to act with restraint, mercy, and justice in what they do for the love of all people, who God made in His own image.

During the 1950s and 1960s, there was constant talk about the danger of a nuclear war between Russia and the USA. That danger has not decreased in the least since that time because as the weapons are available and the escalation of tensions exist, it is still a possibility. The closest that many historians put for an actual nuclear war was the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1960. However, the Russians thankfully backed down and refused to continue to escalate tensions, and the American likewise de-escalated as well.

Today, the situation is far worse than with the Cuban Missile Crisis, for while then it was the secret movement of Russian weapons close to American territory, America is now taking actual weaponry, giving it to rebel groups in or near Russia or in Russian-influenced areas, starting outright wars, and now is bragging about them on television. If the crisis of 1960 was putting a wound into the knee of America, then America has now not only put a wound in the knee of Russia, but we are actively rubbing salt into it while taunting Russia with puerile chants that if it were in an American schoolyard would sound similar to a bully telling another student “WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT YOU WEAKLING?”

This is wrong. It is wrong no matter who does it. This is intentional provocation to start a fight that could have catastrophic consequences for the entire world.

Nations who think they can “slap around” other nations when they want to are just bullies. The only difference between the schoolyard bully and this sort of bullying is the scale and potential for damage across a larger number of people a lot faster.

This is not making America great again. This is making America more hated, isolated, and into a reflection of the same national socialists that the same USA jeered almost a century ago.