While Righteous Muslims Seek Out Catholic Priests And Exorcists For Help Fighting Evil, Cannibalism, and Human Sacrifice, Major Conservative Media Supports The LGBT Fleeing To The West From Exorcists In Russia

Islam is an evil religion, but many Muslim people are good and righteous people. This is why the Faith always teaches to pray for one’s enemies and make sacrifices for them, because God sees and uses all the good that we do for His glory.

As such, Muslims throughout Africa and the Middle East are reaching out to Catholic priest for help in fighting evil, including asking for exorcisms as well as stopping the horrible abuse of children and the terrifying acts of cannibalism which in spite of much work still exist:

Catholic priests who offer exorcisms in what they say is a global battle against the devil, witchcraft, and in some instances child sacrifice have reported that even Muslims are coming to them seeking help.

Catholic news source Crux reported Wednesday that the 13th annual course for exorcists is being held in Rome this week, which has revealed some interesting developments.

Professor Giuseppe Ferrari, who heads the “Group for Socio-Religious Research and Information” as part of the gathering, said that sections of the course will look at the dangers of witchcraft in Africa.

“We will deal with the theme of the kidnapping and murder of children for ritual sacrifice, linked to witchcraft, in order to obtain favors for clients,” Ferrari said, calling it a “cruel and inhuman practice.

In a Q&A follow-up, an Indian priest serving in the Islamic-majority city Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, said that “many Muslims come to our place, even highly educated ones.”

“They say, ‘Father, someone has done black magic on me, can you pray over me and remove the devil?'” shared the priest, who wasn’t named.

He asked 89-year-old Cardinal Ernest Simoni how exorcists should respond to such requests from Muslims, pointing out that many of the people coming to them are from Lebanon.

Simoni, an Albanian who faced torture and prison by Communist authorities, answered that exorcism should be offered to everyone, regardless of their religious background.

“The grace of the Holy Spirit will redeem us all,” he said.

Organizers of the course in Rome have sought to clarify that it should not be described as a “school for exorcists,” as in Catholic tradition only a bishop has the authority to commission a priest to perform the rite.

Still, the course points out that while people in the Western world might only be aware of magic and witchcraft as generally benign concepts connected to New Age spirituality, in the global South there are real battles with what people consider to be demonic, spiritual forces.

“It is important for the Church to understand the fears of the people, and not to attribute them to superstition,” Michael Katola, a lecturer in pastoral theology, said in 2007.

“Witchcraft is a reality; it is not a superstition. Many communities in Kenya know these powers exist,” he added. “If we don’t believe in the existence of witchcraft as Satanism, then we cannot deal with it.”

Father Anthony Barratt, a British priest who is based in Albany, New York, said at the Rome conference that demand for exorcisms is growing around the world.

“I think it is partly due to the internet, which makes it (Satanism) so accessible. Films and television programs are also a factor. There’s a fascination,” Baratt said.

Simoni meanwhile said that God has made it possible for priests to help in the spiritual battle against demonic forces even over the telephone.

“There are priests who carry out exorcisms on their mobile phones. That’s possible thanks to Jesus,” he added. (source)

Interestingly, there was a story which came out about a week ago regarding the same issue but with the LGBT, who say they are fleeing Chechnya and other parts of Russia because they are being “persecuted” for their evil behaviors and being “forced” to undergo exorcisms:

Homosexual Chechens are fleeing the region to escape hideous abuses at the hands of national security forces.

As Chechen officials deny the targeting of gay — and even merely suspected so — citizens, they continue to flee the area. In fact, Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov does not see any problem at all. He maintains that there are simply no gay people in Chechnya in the first place.

But that was not the case for Marko, one of the many who have fled oppression. Her family did not kill her for her sexuality, but they did force her to undergo an exorcism to try and cure it. “He held my head and read verses from the Koran, and I knew I had to respond as a person possessed would,” she said. “I had seen enough YouTube videos to know what to do, and so I twisted about and shouted and said there were seven different demons inside me.”

Two hours later, she was pronounced cured of her lesbianism, to her family’s overwhelming approval. It was not until after her marriage was arranged that she was able to finally flee. She now lives with a girlfriend she was fortunate enough to encounter via social media and looks forward to a life away from the pain of her past.

Fortunately, many of those seeking refuge have found safety in Canada. But for those who remain, Kadyrov’s regime shows no sign of changing course. As a staunch ally of Vladimir Putin, Kadyrov remains comfortable in his power. (source)

The dichotomy here is very interesting. Here in the Muslim world, which while it has many evil and problems stemming from Islam, is actively seeking help from the Catholic Church to fight evil because clearly, while they may not see it, they understand that the Catholic Church has a grace which Islam does not have, which is because the Catholic Faith is the one true religion and in her is the grace to forgive sins and drive out evil. The Muslims, while they may not be Catholic yet, by the fact of this act are seeking God and truth, and by the grace of God with prayer and sacrifice, many will come into the Faith.

It is true that Russia has been vilified by the Western media because the major powers in the Western World/NATO Umbrella- the USA, UK, Germany, Japan, Turkey, and Israel- all want a war with the Russians. They are actively trying to start one and have been working on setting up the conditions for another war since the moment World War II ended. The LGBT is but one lever by which these powers, especially the USA, Israel, Germany, and the UK, use to stir up social anxiety to justify militarism.

Could there be an actual “persecution of homosexuals” happening? It can be difficult to tell in the objective since due to the over-politicization of the issue and the ensuing consequences it will have for Russia.

What seems to be clear is that the LGBT are on some level not welcomed in Chechnya and the government, being a reflection of the morality and will of the people as all governments are, is giving either direct support to those who are against the LGBT or is refusing to intervene and so giving implied support.

That those people who fled did so because the Muslims were trying to do exorcisms on them is very telling. Certainly an exorcism from a Muslim lacks the grace which one that is conducted by a priest does, but as sacred scripture notes, God looks at the heart of a man and many times will bless him because he is seeking His righteousness. Such was the case with Abraham, for while he was not baptized, his actions and faith were reckoned as righteousness.

This case, the fleeing is not because of righteousness, but because of malice and a desire to partake in the evil of homosexuality.

Remember the Bible states that homosexuality is a form of advanced, grave evil. As such, it is well documented that when a homosexual commits a crime, there is a distinct chance it will be of a much more horrible nature than somebody else.

For example, in February 2018 a German homosexual cannibalized a Polish man he met for gay sex after they met on a website for cannibal fetishists (source). In England, an Italian homosexual murdered and ate an Englishman he met for homosexual activity, grating his body with a cheese grater and eating the pieces with chop sticks because he said satan told him to do it (source). A major homosexual activist in Chile said that he would take fetuses and make them into cream (source). This does not include the countless rapes and murders of children committed by the LGBT every year.

Just as one example among many, the so-called “priestly sexual abuse” scandal that began in 2002 is more accurately called a homosexual sex abuse scandal as proven by the 2004 John Jay Study, which found that over 80% of the sexual abuse was committed by homosexuals.

The Muslims asking for exorcists to drive out cannibalism, murder, and all other evils, which as an extension will also mean a decline in homosexuality. By contrast, through the western world embracing homosexuality they embrace the theological consequences which come with it, and as such are inviting these same horrors into their societies

Truly the righteousness of God does not abide with any one particular race, but on he who seeks the will of God.