Disney Releases ‘Gay Mickey Mouse Ears’ To Celebrate Homosexuality At Its Parks And Stores

For many years, Disney has been very supportive of the LGBT and by defending that which cannot be defended the evils of the LGBT, which we have written about extensively including such horrible crimes as cannibalism, coprophilia, and the abuse of children. This history should be enough to compel Christians of good will not to support the company, for to support the institution is to support its views.

In confirmation of their love of the LGBT, Disney has released ‘gay Mickey mouse ears’ to celebrate homosexuality during ‘pride month’:

Disney Parks just released rainbow Mickey Mouse ears, just in time for Pride Month.

Mickey Mouse ears are a fun hat to wear at a Disney park, and usually they’re black with a Disney logo in the middle.

The new pride ears are rainbow colors with a red cap. Instead of the more common logo, there are two gloved hands making a rainbow heart.

The ears are being sold only at Disneyland and Disney World. A spokesperson for Disney said that it will be available through Disney’s site and app, but it’s currently not listed.

Fans are already trying on the new rainbow ears. (source)