Homosexual Shoves An Object So Large Into His Intestines Doctors Have To Invent A New Tool To Extract it

A homosexual brought about the invention of a new medical device after inserting an object so large into his intestines that he had to go the hospital and doctors could not retrieve it using normal means:

Baffled doctors were forced to invent a lasso-like tool to remove a 23-inch (60cm) dildo firmly lodged inside a man.

The concerned 31-year-old, from Italy, went to hospital after he couldn’t remove the massive sex toy, which had been stuck for 24 hours.

Medics in Milan were unable to get the rubber dildo out using standard methods, complaining it was too big and smooth.

After scratching their heads, the team crafted a new tool that worked like a lasso to catch the end of the dildo and drag it out, which proved successful.

The patient visited the emergency unit of the ASST Great Metropolitan Hospital in Niguarda, a district of Milan.

He told medics he had placed the dildo into his rectum the day before, and said it was ‘not removable by hand’.

Upon questioning, he admitted he was suffering mild abdominal pain – but had no other worrying symptoms.

An X-ray revealed a 23 inch (60cm) object in his colon, according to the bizarre tale published in BMJ Case Reports.

Consultants then referred him to the hospital’s endoscopy unit, to allow surgeons the chance of removing the dildo.

Writing in the journal, medics led by Dr Lorenzo Dioscoridi said: ‘Several standard attempts with different extraction devices were made.’

A 50mm polypectomy’s snare – a wire loop device used to chop off abnormal tissue growths called polyps – was also ineffective.

Dr Dioscoridi and colleagues said the technique didn’t work because of the ‘rigidity, the smoothness and the large size of the foreign body’.

Forceps and a wire-guided dilation balloon – another common method – failed because of the ‘hard consistence’ of the dildo.

Usually, surgery is the only remaining option to remove foreign bodies that are stuck. But the new technique may change that.

After all their attempts, the medics built a ‘home-made’ snare, designed to hook onto the dildo and drag it back out of the man’s rectum.

In the journal they wrote: ‘We finally succeeded in the endoscopic extraction of the device, catching the distal edge of the dildo with this guidewire lasso.

‘This device showed a technical advantage as compared with ordinary polypectomy snares, due to its much higher stiffness.’

Dr Dioscoridi said this made it possible to detach the colonic wall from the dildo and ‘effectively pull the object’.

The medics said the new technique may be a ‘valid option’ to remove large foreign bodies from the colon and rectum when standard methods for extraction fail.

The patient was allowed home on the same day of the procedure. He reported no lasting symptoms a month later.

He wrote a thank you note for the consultants for solving his ’embarrassing problem’ without having to resort to surgery.

The new case comes after a drunk British man last year perforated his bowel after inserting an ‘unusually large’ 30-inch (77cm) dildo in his anus.

The patient, whose name is unknown, used the bendy object for sexual gratification when he was drunk, according to the BMJ Case Report.

Doctors at the Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust revealed he ‘lost control’ of the toy because he was intoxicated. (source)

The study about the new tool is here. This is an medical x-ray of the man in question:

However, this is about more than just a tool, but about the attitude of the LGBT and public health.

It is a known fact that the LGBT engages in a series of disgusting and disturbing practices for what is considered to be normal behavior. The LGBT also speaks passionately about the need for, in their words, to have “public funding” for homosexual “needs”, such as HIV medication.

The problems with this is that the practices of the LGBT are, objectively speaking, medically abnormal. Even in the simplest of homosexual activities is an abuse of the created purpose of human sexuality. The more “intense” one becomes the more perverse are the actions that follow and in some cases, the more deadly the consequences.

The body is not meant to do certain types of activities. Inserting large objects into the intestines for hedonistic gratification is not one of them. Doing this can and has caused serious medical injuries to the LGBT and even death. One only needs to look up the infamous “Enumclaw case” where a man filmed himself being accidentally raped to death by a horse because of his obsession with inserting larger objects into his bowels.

However, they do not care and continue to do these things, with the same assumption that the government needs to increase funding for their “medical procedures.”

If a man had a habit of sitting in the middle of a road, he should not expect that anybody should pay for his medical treatments other than himself because any injuries are likely the cause of his own actions and are directly preventable.

Likewise, the consequences of the actions of the LGBT are not because they are a “minority” with a disability, but because they do dangerous things that one is not supposed to do. Providing money for their special treatment of this issue does not help them, but is subsidizes dangerous behavior such as this. Indeed, nobody should be expected to pay for behavior that is objectively disordered, let alone force the taxpayer to.