Was Paul Joseph Watson Just Outed As A Sodomite, And Is Infowars A Homosexual Club?

In August 2018, famous “conspiracy” talk radio host Alex Jones of the Alex Jones show was caught looking at transsexual pornography on live television.

While this shocked many people, if one considers that he has dedicated considerable time to opposing the “T” letter in the “LGBT” but not the other letters, it is curious but not a surprise that he would have done this. In March 2018, five month before the transsexual scandal, Alex Jones was named in a lawsuit over accusations of grooming former male employees for sex, including showing them homosexual pornography on his Phone:

InfoWars host Alex Jones has been accused of subjecting his staff to a barrage of homophobic, racist, antisemitic and sexual abuse.

A lawsuit filed by former employee Rob Jacobson says that Jones called him “Beefcake” for four years, “referring to male porn stars.”

The video editor, who worked at InfoWars for 13 years, said that the host’s behaviour was “intimidating and harassing”.

He added that it was “a form of sexual harassment in that he was grooming me for homosexual sex.”

Jones has been left scrambling to keep InfoWars’ YouTube channel online after being handed two strikes for repeatedly promoting conspiracy theories about the Parkland school shooting in Florida.

Speaking to the Mail Online, Jacobson explained the moment Jones allegedly started calling him “Beefcake”.

He said: “Work on Alex’s films included finding embarrassing pictures of politicians on the internet and I was searching through pictures of the Clintons caught making funny or embarrassing faces on camera and I noticed a unique one of Hillary Clinton that I’ve never seen before.

“Alex was walking by and it was a ‘look what I’ve found’ moment, I invited him to check it out.

“But when I clicked on this picture to see the full resolution image, a gay porn website popped up; it was a clickbait picture,” he added.

“I was shocked and embarrassed but Alex knew what had happened so I quickly clicked off, but he instantly jumped on it and called me ‘Beefcake.’

“That afternoon he continued calling me Beefcake, the next day it was Beefcake, I thought it would maybe go away, like sort of childish behaviour, office banter, but it didn’t.

In the complaint filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Jacobson also alleged that Jones allowed or even enabled others to homophobically discriminate against him.

The conspiracy theorist “allowed his friend Shane Steiner into my office to display on my computer with images of gay pornography,” Jacobson wrote.

“I believe this action was a continuation of the intimidation and sexual harassment in that he was grooming me for homosexual sex.”

Jacobson also accused Jones of antisemitic abuse, writing that he “used racial slurs against me, calling me ‘The Resident Jew,’ ‘The Jewish Individual,’ and ‘Yacobson.’

Former production assistant Ashley Beckford has also submitted a complaint, alleging that Jones groped her behind and asked “who wouldn’t want to have a black wife?” in her presence

Jones denied the allegations, saying that they were “completely, totally false” and had “no reflection of reality”.

He added: “I’m not going to talk about former employees, I mean nobody accuses me of stuff like that. No, no and in fact I’m not the type of person to say those kinds of things.

“So that’s why my feelings are hurt. Wow. That’s all I can say. That’s total bulls***.”

Jones’ dad, David Jones, is the company’s head of human resources. He played down the “Beefcake” complaint.

“That might have been a case of 30 seconds of somebody giving him some crap, I can see that, it’s like a damn locker room,” he said. (source)

Allegations of homosexuality are one thing. However, there is no doubt that Alex Jones was watching gay porn on his phone, and the fact that he refused to address the issue at all, even with callers to the show, and has been banning people from InfoWars for mentioning it, all speaks to a cover up because millions of people saw the title of the video that he was watching.

It would be one thing if Jones, using the language of 4Chan, just came out and said “No, traps aren’t gay.” He would be objectively wrong, but it would be an honest admission. When President Trump was asked about his history of fornication, during the Presidential campaign, he just admitted it and embraced it even though everybody knew he was doing this for years. The fact that Jones refuses to address the issue means he is hiding it.

However, this is not the first time that Alex Jones and his InfoWars broadcast have expressed their love and support for all letters of the LGBT. Arguably, ever since InfoWars marked the public transition to openly propagating nationalism on August 18th, 2015, he has become increasingly closer to the LGBT and has been inviting many sodomites onto his show.

In addition, David Duke made a curious admission almost three years to the date in an August 15, 2018 broadcast about Paul Joseph Watson, Alex Jones’ de facto second-in-command for InfoWars. He said that Paul Joseph Watson is a homosexual whose favorite gay bar is in Prague, and he asked to meet Duke there, and when Duke met him Watson was wearing a wig, lipstick, and a pair of pink jeans (fast forward to 15:10):

When Jones learned that I was doing a report on the internet censorship for the Daily Stormer, he reached out to me via encrypted text chat. He informed me that his top lieutenant Paul Joseph Watson had obtained secret documents from the Chinese communist government proving the links between these companies and the Chines communist government itself. He told me that the conspiracy goes all the way to the top, and the blacklisting campaign was personally ordered by the Chinese communist leader Benjamin Netanyahu. Don’t start laughting about this. This is a great article.

Knowing that Jones has a reputation for exaggeration, I was immediately skeptical. So I demanded to see the actual documents. Unfortunately, due to the sensitive nature of these documents, the only way I can see them was if I agreed to meet Watson in person at his favority gay bar in Prague, Czechloslovakia. Reluctantly I agreed to the arrangement and booked my flight. Upon arriving, it was clear that Watson’s favorite Prague gay bar was packed full of F-A-G-G-O-T-S and cross-dressers. Watson was there wearing a wig, lipstick, and pink jeans. He introduced himself and showed me the “secret” Chinese communist documents. Upon reading them, I was immediately convinced that the conspiracy was real. (15:10-16:46)

Now there are questions here in the story. For example, which gay bar was it? But even if this is not revealed, one must ask why did Duke meet him at a gay bar? It is known there are many public venues where one can meet somebody that people have done so to meet in secret for years. During the Cold War, it was not uncommon for spies to meet in parks, restaurants, coffee houses, or just about anywhere.

Indeed, given the history of the national socialist movement and homosexuality, it does raise many questions for Mr. Duke.

If that was not enough, Watson’s Twitter from 2016 and 2017 shows him lauding Prague gay nightlife and making statements of a very curious nature with other men:


In addition, there was another tweet from 2014 that showed Alex Jones and Watson called him “Papa bear Jones”:

A “bear” is a slang among homosexuals to mean an older, usually overweight and somewhat hairy sodomite. It is one of the particular “fetishes” that the LGBT have, and that Watson would call Jones by such a term in light of his own statements and Jones’ recent transsexual affair makes this a statement of much interest.

But the intrigue does not end. Blair White was the first major homosexual invited onto the Alex Jones show in November 2015. This sodomite made his debut criticizing feminism and has since made headlines all throughout conservative media circles influenced by Robert Shillman, such as the homosexual and defender of pedophile supporting Dennis “fifteen is not eight'” Prager, David Rubin.

After his massive fall from public favor for supporting pedophilia and talking about parties where he clearly alludes to the sexual abuse of small children, Alex Jones came to the formal rescue of Milo Yiannopoulos and had him cover for spots on InfoWars.

Clearly, there is something very strange with Alex Jones and Paul Watson as their behaviors demonstrate strong indications of homosexuality. Their support of outright homosexuals Blair White and Milo Yiannopoulos adds to this intrigue, causing the observer to ask, is Infowars a news outlet, or is it a gay club?

You be the judge.