Huge Nationalist Surge In Sweden: Political Party In Sweden That Wants To Fight Islamic Immigration Takes Major Victory In Election And Now Has 63 Seats In The Swedish Parliament

By Theodore Shoebat

The anti-Islamic immigration party in Sweden, the Sweden Democrats, just took over 17% of the vote in the Swedish election, giving it third place.  According to a report from the Washington Post:

“With most ballots from Sunday’s election counted, the Moderates had 19.2 percent of the vote. The ruling Social Democrats led by Prime Minister Stefan Lofven had 28.1 percent, and the far-right Sweden Democrats 17.9 percent.”

The Epoch Times reports that “The Nationalist Sweden Democrats, which are members of neither block, are now kingmakers in parliament with 63 seats.”

The Sweden Democrats was founded by an ex-member of the Waffen SS named Ulf Ranshede, in 1988. Gustav Ekstrom was another member of the Sweden Democrats; he was also a member of the Waffen-SS for which he worked as a Nazi propagandist, disseminating and advertising articles for them for the purpose of recruitment. He also served as a propagandist for the SS-Hauptamt, working in a building that was once a Jewish retirement center that was stolen by the Nazis. In 1933 he helped form the Swedish Socialist Coalition, and in 1936 he became the national secretary for the Nordic Youth, and then in 1941 he joined the Waffen-SS. At the age of 88, he was elected into the Sweden Democrats.

The Sweden Democrats started as the group, Bevara Sverige Svenkt (“Keep Sweden Swedish”). It was helped founded by a National Socialist named Leif Zeilon-Eriksson. Like the Nazis of old, Leif was heavily involved in promoting vegetarianism, environmentalism and ‘animal rights.’ (See Kaplan and Heléne Lööw, The Cultic Milieu: Oppositional Subcultures in an Age of Globalization). Leif was a part of the Nordic Reich Party, a National Socialist party in Sweden. Initially, the group was blatantly Nazi, but by the 1980s it began to change its marketing strategy and presented itself in a more moderate way, in order to gain positions in political office. This shift made its mark in 1986 when the Nordic Reich Party collaborated with the anti-immigrant Progress Party. This new formation first called itself the Sweden Party, but then it changed its name in 1988 to the Sweden Democrats.  (See Teitelbaum, Lions of the North, p. 17)

In 1994, a man named Jimmie Akkesson — who is now the current leader of the party — joined the Sweden Democrats while it was still under Nazi leadership. Akkeson, in a 1994 letter, wrote:

“The first contact with SD [Sweden Democrats], we had some time in December the same year (1994, editor’s note), and during a meeting on New Year’s Eve, we decided to start working politically, and that a local SDU [Sweden Democrats Youth] department would eventually be formed”

Although Akkesson denies holding any Nazi sentiments, the fact that he joined the Sweden Democrats when it was under Nazi leadership, indicates otherwise. When Akkesson joined the party, it was under the leadership of Anders Klarström, who was convicted of possessing illegal firearms, and also of sending a death threat to a Jewish theater director named Hagge Geigert. Geigert was very outspoken against racism and Klarstrom, upset about this, told him that he was a “Jew pig” and that he would burn him alive. Klarstrom was also a member of the neo-Nazi Nordic Reich Party.     

Klarstrom was also a musician who performed for a band called Commit Suiside. Another member of this band was a man named Ulf Ekberg, who once wrote these lyrics for the band:

“Men in white hoods march down the road, we enjoy ourselves when we’re sawing off niggers’ heads/ Immigrant, we hate you! Out, out, out, out! Nordic people, wake up now! Shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot!”

Jimmie Akesson began working in the party in 1994, when Klarstrom was still the leader of the Sweden Democrats. Apparently Klarstrom’s Nazi ideology did not bother him. People will argue that in 1995 Klarstrom resigned from the Sweden Democrats, thus proving that the party was purging itself from Nazi influence. But, in 1999, the Sweden Democrats worked with an official SS member, named Franz Schonhuber. Franz was a member of the Waffen-SS and the founder of the German far-right party, the “Republicans.” As we read in one report: “the old Waffen-SS soldier Franz Schönhuber is a guest at an SD election meeting along with Yvan Blot, one of Front National’s chief ideologues. Schönhuber visited Sweden before, back in the day when Anders Klarströms was SD leader.” So Franz was active with the Sweden Democrats when the neo-Nazi Klarstrom was the leader, and he continued to be active with them after he resigned, proving that the party still had Nazi sympathies after its claimed purge.

Jimmie Akesson

The other figure mentioned as being in the meeting with the SS member, Franz Schonhuber, was Yvon Blot. Blot was the major ideologue for the Front National Party in France and was close to Jean-Marie Le Pen. Blot was elected into the European Parliament as a member of the Front National in 1989. In 1974, he established a significant organization for the French New Right, called the Club de L’horloge (the Clock Club).

Blot saw the New Right as a cultural revolution, oriented towards ethnocentric ideology, specifically reverence for the Indo-European race. Blot wrote: “The Revolution and its values, hitherto associated with the left, were relocated  in a lineage which saw 1789 as the reassertion of the pure origins of Indo-Europeanism”. (Wolfreys 1993:419, in Douglas R. Holmes, Integral Europe,  p. 83)

In other words, the French Revolution of 1789 — with all of its beheadings of Catholics, its cannibalism and sadism — was the manifestation of the superiority of the Indo-European race. The ideologue who taught this, Yvon Blot, is a close ally with the Sweden Democrats. 

The French New Right was really the archetype for the Identitarian and Alt-Right movements in the West today. Yvon Blot was one of the pioneers of the New Right, he has worked with the Sweden Democrats, and the Sweden Democrats are in deep with the Counterjihad movement, as can be seen in their association with figures like Robert Spencer. There is indeed an interconnection between the Alt-Right and Counterjihad; the latter provided the informational leverage (flooding the internet with stories on terrorism and the migration crises) by which the New Right (or Alt-Right) could provide justification for itself, and gain popularity by making itself out to be a savior type against a perceived invasion by immigrants.

The Prime Minister of Sweden, Stefan Lofven, declared that when the current leader of the Sweden Democrats, Jimmie Akkesson, joined the party, Swastikas began to be used in the political organization’s meetings. The Sweden Democrats, of coursed, denied the claim.

These populist political parties, fueled by the information machine of the Counterjihad movement, are gaining leverage solely because of the recent and current migration crises. These parties were nobodies until the migration crises of 2015; this has been the case, for the most part, for parties like AfD (Alternative Party for Deutschland), Front National, and the Sweden Democrats. This rise in political influence and leverage for these parties springs from the mass migration of Muslims, and as long as the crises continues, what will increase is the popularity for these parties. Elias Groll, writing for Foreign Policy, made this interesting observation back in 2014:

“Sweden has failed to integrate its massive immigrant population — a problem that will continue benefitting the Sweden Democrats.” 

In a 2015 report by the Economist, it also agrees with this observation:

“As refugees poured into Europe this year, right-wing populists switched back to denouncing immigration. Television footage of chaos at the border served as perfect campaign propaganda.”

Jimmie Akesson, the leader of the Sweden Democrats, himself admitted that he and his party are using the migration situation to boost up their position. “We now have a platform for our ideology, and that is very important because we know that we have a big opportunity to get even more supporters,” said Akesson back in 2010.

The Counterjihad, especially its acolytes in America, provided tremendous amounts of support and energy for the Nazi parties in Europe. A good example of this is the relationship between one of the leading figures of the Counterjihad, Robert Spencer, and the Nazi founded Sweden Democrats party. In 2010, Robert Spencer wrote: “I spoke in Sweden at the invitation of the Sweden Democrats last July; you can see the videos here and here.” The videos are no longer there. But, the fact remains that Spencer spoke for the Sweden Democrats and has continuously supported them on his website, using his audience and the hysteria of the right-wing to bolster their position as being amongst the saviors of Europe. Let us see some information on the Sweden Democrats, in order to show their Nazi sympathies and connections.

Within the Sweden Democrats there are politicians who use a calculative strategy to subtly and elusively introduce Nazi sympathies. For example, one member of the Sweden Democrats, Stellan Bojerud, once wrote:

“I admire the efforts that a number of SS officers and frontiersmen did in honest battle between nations and I condemn as hard as I can the abuse that not only SS but also other Nazi organizations did to achieve the Holocaust.”

While he praises the SS — who carried out extermination orders — he condemns the Holocaust. By condemning the Holocaust, he attempts to cancel out expected criticism, while at the same time praising the Nazi SS. This is paralleled to the strategy that was put together by Nazi identitarians after the Second World War; the strategy was to belittle Nazi atrocities while praising the resistance that was done against the Third Reich. By downplaying Nazi atrocities and praising anti-Nazi resistance, they could change the national consensus — by breaking the taboos of using Nazi themes — in favor towards Nazism, while at the same time not appearing as Nazis. All of these strategies are done in a very calculated and sophistical way for the purpose of mass manipulation to reintroduce Nazism. Brendan Peter Simms, a Professor of the History of International Relations in the Department of Politics and International Studies at the University of Cambridge, wrote about this strategy:

“Historians played down the Nazi genocide and exalted ‘German’ resistance to Hitler—it was part of a national survival strategy. … Using private correspondence, diaries and published materials, [historian] Mr. [Nicholas] Berg exposes a concerted strategy within the West German historical profession to play down the Nazi genocide and exalt German resistance to Hitler.” 

What is not surprising is seeing Pamela Geller, the Jewish harlot of the Counterjihad who sells out on her own people for a little bit of fame, defend the Sweden Democrats, saying that they are not Nazis: “What is shocking is the vile lengths the enemedia is going to libel the right as the “Neo-Nazi” party. Pure evil.” 

One thing that reveals the demonic spirit of the Sweden Democrats is their occult connection. One of their former members, Lennart Carlström, is a neo-pagan involved in the dark arts of shamanism. One Swedish report states:

“One of the new politicians in Härnösand’s city council is a Sweden Democrat. He also says he is a schaman. He announced in a weekly magazine that he has strong media power and that he can provide guiding answers to questions not only about love but also about work and money. Obviously, he takes charge for his unique supernatural skills. In his ad, he says he is pleased with the modest hourly wage of SEK 1188. His name is Lennart Carlström.”

Although Carlstrom left the party (not for his shamanism), the fact that a shaman joined this party reflects the spirit of the organization. One thing that has never been pointed out about this party is that it holds to a Christian-pagan syncretism. On its website it reads:

“It should be stated in the Constitution that the Swedish holidays are, and that they rest on a historical basis that can be both non-confessional, Christian and pagan.”   

Why include “pagan”, why not just Christian? Unless of course the agenda here is to push, elusively, pagan nationalism masqueraded as a synthesis between Christianity and paganism, which is what Austrian Identitarian Martin Sellner pushes for since he once said:

“We say that we fight against the enemies of all European cultural and religious traditions. This is why radical neopagans wearing Thor’s hammer, for example, stand hand in hand with staunch Catholic and Orthodox Christians during our summer camp in France.” 

In a statement from the Sweden Democrats it reads:

“Something many today do not think about is that Christmas really has very ancient roots. In the north, this was celebrated when the darkness turned and it began to get brighter again. The old Vikings sacrificed to the gods in the so-called midwinter blot. In order for the church to more easily bring the people to Christianity, the church took over pagan festivals and made them Christian. 

Midsummer is an ancient tradition that is largely celebrated by Swedes. It has roots also in the pre-Christian German era. It’s summer solstice is celebrated so the sun is the highest and the day and night are long. Despite hard attempts by church and authorities this old tradition could not be taken away. We people need traditions that bind us and merge us with our ancestors and give us a sense of self-esteem that we Swedes mean something and that we have something to be proud of.”

Here it is promoting the pre-Christian religion of Scandinavia, and although it mentions Sweden’s Christian transformation, it still expresses a fixation on its pagan roots, and it speaks of merging the society with the heathen rites of its ancestors as a way to “bind” the people with “our ancestors”, and it proudly mentions how the Church could not purge the land of these pagan rituals. What the Social Democrats are exhorting for is a form of pagan nationalism; an emphasis on the ‘volk’ and its pagan past.  Nationalism, a founding by former SS Nazi officers, an enthusiasm for pre-Christian European paganism: this is the formula, not for a healthy political party, but for despotism. The push for paganism was something that Hitler pursued. It is recorded that Hitler firmly said:

“Our peasants have not forgotten their true religion. It still lives … the old beliefs will be brought back to honour again … The peasant will be told what the Church has destroyed for him: the whole secret knowledge of nature, of the divine, the shapeless, the demonic … We shall wash off the Christian veneer and bring out a religion peculiar to our race … our peasantry still lives in heathen beliefs and values … through the peasantry we shall really be able to destroy Christianity because there is in them a true religion rooted in nature and blood.” (See Roland, The Nazis and the Occult, p. 156)

The Nazi Party was linked to the Thule Society. One of the Nazis’ major occult influences, Adam Alfred Rudolf Glauer (known as Rudolf Freiherr von Sebottendorff), was a leading member of the Thule Society.

Rudolf Freiherr von Sebottendorff

While living in Turkey, Glauer was introduced to the occult by Hussein Pasha, a Muslim Sufi who had a deep interest in the dark arts. While he was in Bursa, Turkey, Glauer became acquainted with the Termudi family, a very wealthy Jewish family that had immigrated to Turkey in the 16th century, and who was involved in banking and the silk trade. The Termudi family was also deep in the Masonic Lodge, with the patriarch of the Termudi family initiating Glauer into the Lodge. Mr. Termudi also gave Glauer his collection of books on alchemy, Rosicrucianism, Sufism and Kabbalism (See Luhrssen, Hammer of the Gods, p. 42) What is amazing is that a leading Nazi ideologue, Glauer (or von Sebottendorf), who promoted racism and eugenics, was heavily involved in the Kabbalah, and not only this, but that Kabbalism was the first occult system that he studied. As British historian Mark Sedgwick writes:

“Von Sebottendorf spent most of the rest of his life in Turkey, taking Ottoman citizenship in 1911. While in Turkey he studied first the Kabbala (the Jewish esoteric tradition) with a Jewish Kabbalist in Brussa, who introduced him to a Masonic lodge in that city in the 1890s. He went on to study a unusual variety of Sufism with some Bektashi Sufis who were also Masons. From them von Sebottendorf learned more numerology (a spiritual science in which Bektashis has always been prominent) than Sufism.” (Sedgwick, Against the Modern World, p. 65) 

The Bektashi Sufis taught Glauer more on occult numerology than they did Islamic Sufusm. Occult numerology is at the center of Kabbalist occultism, and so the Sufis were teaching Glauer an occult system that is very much paralleled with Kabbala. You can see the influence that the Kabbalah had on Glauer in his own book, Secret Practices of the Sufi Freemasons, in which he talks about interpreting ‘sacred’ acronyms of Islamic declarations in a kabbalistic manner. In one part of the book Glauer writes:

“Thus ALM is supposed to mean: amara li muhamed—“Muhammad commanded me to write.” Arabic commentators view these letters as holy abbreviations. Thus ALM mean:  allah latif madshid— “God is good”—or as another thinks: ana lahu alamu—“I am the God who knows.” For others the letters are to be interpreted in a kabbalistic sense.”

In another part of the same book, Sebottendorf, writing on alphabet occultism, says:

“We clearly see this in the Islamic world, but it is also apparent when we look at the Greek alphabet, the Germanic runes, and perhaps most familiarly the Hebrew tradition of Kabbalah.The Arabic writing system is based upon that of the Old Semitic tradition to which the Hebrew script also belongs. The names of the letters go back to a Canaanite source, but the Arabic names do not originally convey any meaning beyond merely being abstract names for the letters. The letter names do later take on secondary meanings.The ordering of the letters is also originally unique to the Arabic tradition, and not based on the Old Semitic tradition. For esoteric purposes the letters have at times been rearranged to reflect the older tradition.”

A major Nazi influenced by the Kabbala while expounding Islamic occultism? I thought the Nazis hated all things Jewish? Why, if the Nazis were so hateful of all things Jewish, would this Nazi follow the Kabbalah, and why did he take books on the Kabbala from, and get initiated into the Masonic Lodge by, a Jewish banker, Mr. Termudi? These Nazis who partook in this occult system raged against the true Synagogue of Christ and the Tent of Shem, and like the Pharisees and Sadducees who rejected Christ because they thought themselves saved by their Hebrew blood, entered the Synagogue of Satan and worshipped race.

The very heart of the Nazi’s hatred for the Jews was a hatred for the true Judaism, Christianity. Israel Zolli, the chief rabbi of Rome, converted to Christianity after being so touched by the charity and compassion of the Church when it rescued so many tens of thousands of Jews from the Nazi death camps. When asked why he left the Synagogue for the Church, Zolli replied:

“But I have not given it up. Christianity is the completion or crown of the Synagogue. For, the Synagogue was a promise, and Christianity is the fulfillment of that promise. The Synagogue pointed to Christianity: Christianity presupposes the Synagogue. So you see, one cannot exist without the other. What I converted to was the living Christianity.”

The Nazis, at their very core, were occultic, and at the foundation of all European occultism, one finds the Kabbalah. Yes, there are remnants of pre-Christian European pagan occultism, but much of this was destroyed by the Catholic Church. Kabbalah, on the other hand, is a system of occultism that comes from the ancient Near East, and that has been preserved, by Jewish occultists, for centuries. So for centuries, from the Medieval epoch to now, serious occultists in the West, who have wanted to partake in a system of occultism that has been preserved and perpetuated from antiquity, will look to the Kabbalah. Kabbalah, in the words of Paul Roland, “forms the foundation of the Western magical tradition” (Nazis and the Occult, p. 26). This is very true.

Perusing through occult books from the Renaissance, one sees everywhere the influence of Jewish occultism. One of the pioneers of the European occult tradition was a German Renaissance writer named Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa. In 1533, Agrippa published a book entitled, Occult Philosophy (De occulta philosophia), which taught on magic and was heavily influenced by Jewish Kabbalists, and the first European to seriously push Kabbalism in Europe, Pico della Mirandola. Aggripa came into contact with “celestial” forces, that is, he communicated with diabolical entities. “That magic is natural,” wrote Aggripa, “which having observed the forces of all things natural and celestial and having examined by painstaking inquiry the sympathy among those things, brings into the open powers hidden and stored away in nature.” Agrippa also pushed for astrology, writing that: “Magic is so connected and conjoined with astrology that anyone who professes magic without astrology accomplishes nothing.” Agrippa wrote on occultism in rebellion against the Dominican inquisitors, and thus it is not surprising that he was sympathetic towards the Protestant revolt, since one rebellion always hinges on another rebellion.

There was also John Dee, a very famous English occultist who followed the ways of Aggripa and studied the Kabbalah and participated in Hebrew occult numerology which he held as the key to understanding the Scriptures.  (See Greengrass, Christendom Destroyed, ch. 7, pp. 196-199) This should be a warning to all those “Christians” in America who obsess over Hebraic numerology and the Bible; for what such people are doing, while thinking themselves holy, is in reality occultism. Even the swastika which Hitler adopted as the symbol of his National Socialist party, can be found in Kabbalism. Hitler was inspired to adopt the Swastika by a dentist named Friedrich Krohn (interestingly, this is a very Jewish last name), an occultist and member of Glauer’s Thule Society.    

Why would Nazis look to Kabbalism? To have a better understanding of the future of ethno-nationalism, I think we need to reevaluate our conventional view of Nazism. There is this view that ‘Jews can never be nazis,’ yet there were almost a quarter of a million Jews in the German army. As one historian states:

“Many people assume that there were no Jews in the Wehrmacht . Rigg adequately proves that this is far from the truth. ‘Although the exact number of Mischlinge [people who were half-Jewish] who fought for Germany during World War II cannot be determined, they probably numbered more than 150,000.’ (Rigg, Mark. Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers, University Press of Kansas, 2002)”

In 1933 — when Hitler took power — there were about 522,000 Jews living in Germany. When we take into account this number with the number of Jews who joined the German army, we can see how, proportionally speaking, this is a substantial amount. 

The head ideologue for the Nazi Party, Alfred Rosenberg, was also said to be Jewish. The Hungarian-Jewish journalist, Franz Szell, spent a year investigating Alfred Rosenberg’s family roots and concluded that he had “no drop of German blood” in his veins. Szell wrote that among Rosenberg’s ancestors were only “Latvians, Jews, Mongols, and French.” Szell communicated his findings to Hermann Göring, Joseph Goebbels, German foreign minister Konstantin von Neurath, and others, and for this he was punished with deportation by Lithuanian authorities on September 15, 1936. The Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano published Szell’s research on Rosenberg in its 15 September 1937 issue.

Why would Jews involve themselves in a German nationalist cause? Why would Pamela Geller, an American Jew, involve herself with a Danish Nazi, Anders Gravers? Why is Kent Ekeroth, a Swedish Jew, a major member of the Sweden Democrats? The path to the revival of ultra-nationalism is paved with many hands, and amongst these, Jewish nationalist hands. 

Evil has no race. Evil only moves, it grows, and it never rests.

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