Famous Genital Mutilating Conservative Sodomite Admits That Most Of The Movement Is a Huge Fake And Most Of The People In It Outright Don’t Believe In What They Are Saying

“Blaire White” is a Youtuber who popped up veritably out of nowhere in 2015 and exploded to fame almost immediately. This man, a veritable “tranny for Trump” as he is a man who pretends to be a woman, has received tens of millions of views on his videos and has become a beloved star of the “conservative” movement.

However, in a recent video he uploaded, he talks about how he has has become disillusioned with politics because “major” media figures routinely lie about their positions and pay people to manufacture fake support for their ideas. The relevant part of the video begins at 7:00:

The entire discussion from 4Chan has been archived here where you can read it.

In the clip, starting at 7:00, he says that while he is from California, he moved to the Los Angeles area because there was a lot of “work” there and how a lot of major conservative media comes from that area. This is an immediate warning sign, because the Los Angeles job market is actually terrible overall, and it is a proven fact that “conservative” media is overwhelmingly funded by wealthy Jewish individuals and families such as the Chernick Family through Aubrey and Joyce Chernik, and the Shillman Family through Robert Shillman and his fortunes earned from COGNEX, both of whom Shoebat.com has written about and in the case of the former, has direct experience with and refuses to work with because the Chernick’s wanted to force Shoebat.com to promote the evil of homosexuality.

Notice that most of the major figures or persons who have expressed a public face in “conservative” media- Ben Shapiro, Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos, Dennis Prager, Jordan PetersonLauren Simonsen (a.k.a. “Lauren Southern”), Ezra Levant, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (a.k.a. “Tommy Robinson”), Pamela Geller, Michael Lucas, Robert Spencer, Bruce Bauer- all work with each other and support each other. Is this just a mere “coincidence,” or is it that they are being paid by essentially the same cabal of individuals who use their money as a “carrot-on-a-stick” to compel these people, for the sake of maintaining their livelihoods, to say what they want them to say, and what they are doing is promoting nationalism that will be translated into militarism in order to start another war so their companies in the financial and industrial sectors can make money as they and other like families have for centuries, which is through making loans and manufacturing equipment for a war and then profiting off of the death of people and societies?

Why is it that the same group of people will talk about the “evil” of the “left,” but then will work with drug-dealing occult satanists such as Sigurfreyr Jonasson, Nazis such as Anders Pedersen or Kent Ekeroth, or openly anti-christ racists who promote genocide such as Babu Suseelan?

Why is it that the same group of people will criticize and even attack the institution or members of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, Protestant Churches, Muslims, and even on occasion other religions, but when a person who professes to be a Jew either by belief or ethnicity and is caught committing an openly unmistakable crime, such as calling black people monkeys, or calling non-Jews “goyim,” or promoting outright racist nationalism in Israel, there is absolute silence and defense of the crime, and then attempting to ignore it as though said crime did not happen just as how Alex Jones pretended he did not know that he was watching homosexual pornography on his phone when a caller called in and confronted him on it after millions of people saw it?

Why is it that the same group of people will either refuse to criticize homosexuality, or if they do, they will criticize only certain “aspects” before defending it, such as Dennis “fifteen is not eight” and “bisexuality is the norm” Prager:

As mentioned, above, why is it that the same group of people, who will claim to oppose Nazism, will then go and associate with National Socialists and even some of them will provide the philosophical direction that serves as the basis of National Socialist occultism?

Why is it that many of the same group of people, who also claim to be against Islam, came out of nowhere and then suddenly are against that which they once supported?

This is why “Blair White” video is so important, on the same level as the Milo Yiannopoulos video where he admitted that there is a tremendous amount of homosexuals raping children at big parties in Los Angeles and which he attended, because in both cases, even they, as perverse as they are, are directly exposing a reality that has been strongly suggested by a pattern of words and actions of more than a few individuals. What White admits is that the entire “conservative” movement is but a front for a particular political end, and it really is not different than the Democratic party except that it just has a different emphasis.

In the 20th century, there is the idea put forward that it was a great struggle between “good” and “evil” as manifested by the USA vs. USSR, “capitalism vs. communism” approach. This was all nonsense from the inception, for as it has been definitively shown and proven, communism took power in Russia through a cabal of disproportionately Jewish leaders who did so not on their own, but with the direct financial, logistical, and political support of major American Jewish financiers such as Jacob Schiff and the direct backing of the German government as part of a greater anti-Russian project that had been going on since the 19th century. World War II was a conflict between the international socialism of the USSR and the national socialism of Germany, and to which one must add that a tremendous amount of the intellectual and philosophical leadership of the national socialists, as a proven fact were indeed Jewish individuals known to and accepted by the Aryan racists of the Reich. After World War II, it was the USA who directly assisted, protected, employed, and utilized the same architects of the eugenicist and other programs of Germany for her benefit and then went to Germany and worked with her to promote the same national socialism that she defeated and has been doing so ever since in a program known as Operation Gladio. Since the “fall” of the USSR, the same series of policies have continued with the same entities and often times, families involved in working towards the same ends.

What is so often passed as the “history” of the 20th century is just an intellectual propagation of the great lie of “good versus evil” that defines political discourse as is framed in terms of party disputes. Public figures will be mentioned and even some further affiliations, but there will not be discussion of the financial supporters of the same figures, for to do so would show a connection between the plant and the seed it grew out of and would force a re-examination of the narrative employed for over a century now.

The modern “conservative” versus “liberal” movement is just the same manifestation of the same financial and industrial lobbies wanting more of the same horrors of the last century for the same reasons of earning money and power for themselves. They lie just as profoundly as the “left,” except their difference in emphasis gives them a different taste to the American palate and so deceives the mind into thinking it is different in essence when it is not, such as the difference between one flavor of soda versus another flavor.

Now these same individuals want to compel the public to support a war which they want for their benefit and to have somebody else fight it, and that somebody is you. It’s no different and just as obscene in essence as Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s presentations with cartoon drawings of bombs and the lobbying of the Israeli government to have the USA invade and fight a war against Iran on their behalf:

If Netanyahu wants a war so badly with Iran, and if Israel’s military is so superior and the threat is so grave, why doesn’t he fight his own war with his own people?

Aside from the fact that militarily speaking it would be very difficult to do this, it would also involve a lot of death. Why fight a war and send your own people to die when you can have somebody else fight and die for you?

Likewise, if these same financiers and companies want a war so badly involving Germany, Turkey, and Russia, why don’t they go, or send their sons and daughters to the front lines? Or how about the children of the brave “counter jihad” sophists who prostitute their minds before the war pimps- why don’t they send their families to fight on whatever the next front will be that so many promote with such passion?

They never will, because in the words of Smedley Butler, one of the most decorated member of the US Military and who became very anti-war and wrote the book War is a Racket:

WAR is a racket. It always has been.

It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives. (source)

I emphasize this is not to say that all war is wrong, for to do so would be in error as it would deny the reality of original sin and the fact that conflict does happen. There also have been just wars. However, the reality is that most wars, especially the wars of the last one hundred years, have been far from just or righteous in a great majority of the cases, and many people were sent to their deaths for the avarice of a few.

There is a saying that a man should “put his money where is mouth is,” meaning that a man should speak in a way consistent with his actions. If one believes that a war is necessary, it only would make natural sense that he would be one who would attempt to fight in it. Such was the example of the great Catholic St. John Capistrano, a priest who accomplished many great feats, and in the year 1387 preached a crusade against the Turks and then went on to fight on the front lines with those he rallied to the victorious defense of Belgrade.

But this is not what is happening. It is rather a cabal of people who want other people to support policies and ideas based on principles they do not believe in and know will lead to conflict, and doing so in order for them to earn a personal profit. It is a tremendous evil and injustice.

For what it’s worth, it’s time to stop, listen, and ask what is happening.

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