US And NATO-Occupied Ukraine Is Now Promoting Homosexuality On The Radio

For at least five years, Ukraine has been in a state of civil war. The western part of Ukraine, which has been supported by the US and the E.U. (Germany) is now formally promoting homosexuality and all things LGBT on the radio according to a report:

irst release of a weekly one-hour project called Good As You dedicated to the issues of the homosexuality, was issued on Odesa “First City Radio” (broadcast frequency – 102,7 FM) on Thursday, September 13, as RBK Ukraine reports.

As the authors of an unusual program told RBK, the project was made in a form of an interview with attachments of profiles and brief essays. Homosexual women and men will be the guests of the project along with heterosexual people who are not afraid to talk about sexual minorities on air.

Among the questions to be raised are Ukrainians’ attitude to gay-parades, aggression towards gays I the community, legalization of the same marriage.

According to the authors, now, these issues are simply ignored in our state. However, a few are ready to talk about these issues. (source)

Odessa is one of the most “westernized” of the cities in Ukraine. It is a smaller version of what Pattaya is to Thailand, in that Odessa is where lonely Western European and American men go and pay money to have sex with disease-infected prostitutes. But this is bigger than the issue of prostitution or even the city of Odessa, for both of these characteristics of the city make it ideal to spread “western” ideas through.

The Western World has firmly and absolutely embraced the LGBT, a sign of the degeneracy owing to her apostasy from the Faith and her embrace of worldliness. The LGBT is as much a sign of the degeneracy of the Western World as it has become a vehicle of policy, for the promotion of the LGBT is an extension of the plans for a greater war.

Recall last year when the entire “Russia allows its citizens to throw homosexuals off of buildings” line was being promoted. Now while it is true that there are a lot of people in Russia who aggressively oppose the LGBT and the Russian government has thankfully done some work to suppress the influence of the sodomites, the idea that there are hordes of cross-wearing, torch-carrying Russians waiting on rooftops with binoculars looking for homosexuals to beat up and throw off is as patently false and unrealistic as is the veritable fantasy that many Americans did and still have that hordes of bearded, rifle-toting Muslim terrorists are roaming the streets of Detroit with their genitals exposed, seeking blonde-haired and blue-eyed virginal maidens to mercilessly gang-rape while eating shawarma and reciting Islamic prayers.

In reality, Russia is struggling with major internal problems in all areas of society. She is on the edge of collapse, and a collapse that Turks, Germans, Americans, and Japanese are seeking to accelerate in the name of political gain at the loss of the many. While the threat of communism and international socialism is real, so is her blood sister threat of national socialism which the USA has been promoting through Operation Gladio, and is equally poisonous because it is the same as communism in its fundamental philosophical essence with the difference being the emphases used to drive socialist policy, which are blood-and-soil for the nationalists versus economics and finance for the internationalists or communists.

The LGBT is used not just in Russia for these projects of neo-paganism and political expansionism. Consider that in Sulaymaniyah, one of the “liberated” and “westernized” areas of Iraq, all of a sudden there is a massive promotion of the LGBT, which as pointed out, is curiously tied to the joint Germany, Turkish, and American railway projects to connect Turkey and the Balkans leading to Germany by rail way with a series of tracks stretching through Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkmenistan, and heading towards the Far East, effectively circumventing Russia and interfering with oil access at historically critical points.

The pro-homosexuality radio programs of today are equivalent to the pro-“democracy” programs in Russia broadcast during the 1970s and 1980s by the USA, and its purpose is to cause destabilization to bring about the collapse of society. To that, Russia’s internal problems are now being compounded by the fact that the Orthodox Church is about to undergo a major split with the granting of independence (autocephaly) to the Orthodox Church in Ukraine, which carries profound historical and cultural consequences as the Orthodox Church in Russia is often times less an expression of actual faith and more of national identity. It is another in a series of breakdowns directed against the nation that will have the effect of increasing isolation and exacerbating her internal issues.

Freedom can never come from homosexuality, for if every man who sins is a slave to sin, and if homosexuality is a manifestation of serious sin, then he who is a homosexual or the one that promotes homosexuality is not just a slave to sin, but one who serves the interests of hell. As such, the promotion of the LGBT in Russia is an infernal plot from those who are serving the interests of the netherworld to advance the ends of the antichrist, and Russia, one of the few nations of notable power in that she is able to stand up on her own against other powerful nations, is right now sickly and in danger of being reduced to fraction of what she once was or had. If this is to happen, it will embolden the anti-christian tendencies being pushed across the world that will but cause the complete re-emergence of the old ways of the ancient world that Christ came to save man from.

If the situation becomes so perilous that Christ does have to clean up this mess, it will not be to offer mercy, for He already has come with that, but it will be as an adult, filled with majesty, righteousness, and holiness, to execute justice on those who have rejected Him and to render to the righteous the relief so long desired by them and promised by God that would be fulfilled.

The LGBT might want to be careful for what they wish for and promote, because if they do receive what they say they want, it just might not be what they expect.

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